This website is now ‘In Memoriam’ since Bradley is no longer teaching or speaking on the topic of non-duality.

Parting Statement

After much careful deliberation, I am going to be winding down most of my non-dual work, websites, and teachings.  My preference is to be in silence on all such matters – since the essential essence of experiential realization is wordless and impossible to communicate.  ~B


Mindfulness | Contemplative Wisdom | Nonduality


Contemplative Wisdom Coaching in an Embodied Nondual Context


Mindfulness-based and contemplative-wisdom guidance for those who wish to wake up… and those who wish to wake up from waking up.



Bradley Bemis (~B) has been turning others inward, toward the mystery of Being, since his own profound experiential insights began in 2014.  He holds an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is currently a Ph.D. student in the Integral and Transpersonal Psychology program at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), pursuing a concentration in Consciousness Studies and Contemplative Neuroscience.  He is also a Certified Life Coach with specialized training in Inner-Presence and Life-Purpose coaching, various forms of behaviorism, and several adult learning models [Learn More].

Bradley aids others on the pathless path by offering one-on-one and small group dialogues, conducting larger group sessions in both public and private forums, and hosting occasional trainings and workshops throughout the year.

He currently resides in Melbourne Florida and is available worldwide via Zoom.


I can’t promise that you’ll “wake up” or “achieve enlightenment”.  Those are just conditioned spiritual notions.  But our work together might include:

  • learning mindfulness and contemplative wisdom practices that facilitate inner examination
  • experientially discovering just how conditioned, structured, and chaotic your mind really is
  • honestly examining your core conceptual foundations while emphasizing self-compassion
  • questioning everything you thought you knew and watching your conceptual world vanish
  • beginning to contend with the edges of identity, self, other, subject, object, emptiness, void
  • piercing the mystery and fully embracing the paradoxical nature of all mental constructs
  • coming to terms with the fact that you can’t use nondual insight to escape your experience
  • seeing how the play of unconscious attachment-avoidance patterns precipitates suffering
  • cultivating more sincere curiosity, liberated love, wise acceptance, and genuine humanness
  • bringing gentle attention to the autonomic nervous system and present moment awareness
  • grounding yourself in various somatic body and breath-based, heart-focused states of being
  • clarifying, integrating, and embodying new insights and experiences as they arise for you
  • engaging in nondual discourse, study, and practice, until no longer needed to support you
  • coming to rest in the mystery of Being, with full comprehension of the incomprehensible
  • moving on with your life in a manner that truly nourishes and supports your whole Being