Nonduality, Self-realization, and

The Embodiment of Awakening


Direct guidance and support for those who are waking up from the dream of duality, placing a strong emphasis on the stages of seeking, awakening, and deepening


Spiritually-oriented inner presence coaching for those who want to support and nourish their own awakening process in a more non-directive, open-hearted manner. 


Working with the deeper, more tender layers of the self-structure that need attention along the way; no matter how far we may appear to have come on our journey.


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A Campaign of Consciousness

We are currently taking registrations for a free 9-week series that includes seven free group sessions hosted via Zoom and FacebookLive, three free private one-on-one sessions with Bradley, and a free 3-month membership to the online AwakeningSupport community that is being established on this site.  Topics covered during this series include:

  • Tilting in the direction of awakening.
  • Loving yourself, trusting yourself, and honoring your own journey.
  • Practicing mindfulness and meditation. 
  • Facing and letting go of your pain.
  • Paying attention to synchronicity.
  • Being wary of your traps.
  • The dance of fear and surrender.

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Campaign of Consciousness

By | Event

Sunday, the 13th of October, marks the 5-year anniversary of the day that everything fell away for me, the day that awareness became aware of itself within the context of ‘me’.  In conjunction, I’ll be launching a new Campaign of Consciousness; a special 9-week series of on-line group and private sessions – all offered freely […]

Talk: The Promise, Process, and Pitfalls of Obtaining Spiritual Enlightenment

By | Talks

In my effort to review and edit all of the talks I’ve given over the years, I’m starting with the very first public talk that I ever gave called “The Promise, Process, and Pitfalls of Obtaining Spiritual Enlightenment” (1 hour).     [Please feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts in the comments […]

Reflections of a Nondual Counseling Student

By | Classroom

The sharing of a journal entry that we were required to write for school: Hello dear journal. I must say, this is just as difficult as anticipated, and yet effortless in the manner of its arising.  What can be said of it that does not somehow draw from the same delusion of selfhood that is […]

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8 hours ago

Bradley Bemis

Nonduality isn’t like other spiritual paths. It’s not about ‘feeling good’, it’s about realizing the raw truth of your own infinite being and learning how to fully embody this realization as a part of your ordinary, every-day life.

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2 days ago

Bradley Bemis

Emotionality and judgement are interlinked and intertwined. All of life is intrinsically neutral, neither good nor bad. It is our conditioning that gives rise to judgement - to our notions of good and bad, right and wrong, to which we then respond with emotionality.

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2 days ago

Bradley Bemis

It is not the events occurring in life that define us, but rather our relationship with them. Those who are wise cultivate relationships of wisdom and compassion with the circumstances of their lives and move as one with the flow of whatever is arising.

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