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Bradley Bemis is an Orlando-based spiritual author, teacher, and guide who fully embodies the nondual wisdom and compassion of awakeness.  He is also an inner presence coach and a third-year graduate student in the CACREP-accredited Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Walden University. 

He currently engages in one-on-one and small group dialogues, conducts larger group sessions in both public and private forums, and hosts occasional trainings and workshops throughout the year.  You can schedule a free introductory session with Bradley, or attend his monthly ‘Second Sunday Satsang’ to see if his approach resonates within the depths of your Being. 


Direct guidance and support for clients who are waking up from the dream of duality, placing a strong emphasis on the stages of seeking, awakening, and deepening

Specific areas of focus include teachings on:

  • Nonduality
  • Self-realization
  • The Embodiment of Awakening


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Gentle, non-directive inner presence coaching that helps clients clarify, nourish and fulfill their life goals across five key dimensions of personal wellbeing.

Specific areas of focus include coaching on:

  • Life
  • Relationship
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Spirituality


Integral, transpersonal, and nondual counseling services that help clients work through the deeper, more tender layers of the self-structure that may need attention.

Specific areas of focus include counseling on:

  • Trauma
  • Grief
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Identity issues
  • Veterans issues
  • Addiction issues
  • Palliative/Hospice care
  • Homelessness/Indigence
  • Narcissism/Codependency


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Second Sunday Satsang

Bradley’s free monthly series of on-line group sessions that address the topics of nonduality, Self-realization, and the embodiment of awakening.  These sessions are hosted via Zoom on the second Sunday of each month from 8pm-9:30pm EST. 

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2 hours ago

Bradley Bemis


Q. "Who is your guru? Who did you study with in order to arrive at your understanding and can you point me in their direction?"

A. Let me answer your question with a question. What need does 'THIS' have for the external representation of an internal realization which dissolves all such borders and boundaries? In others words, does the Satguru need a guru?

What if, one day you just woke up from the dream of yourself, all by yourself, seeing only the Self? Perhaps you would be drawn to study and discuss this realization with others who are living expressions of it, giving it clarity and context so that the noumenal may be accepted by the phenomenal; but it would not change the changeless.

There is no guru but the guru that *IS*. To see an individual body as a personification of realization, or as the epitome of the absolute, is to misunderstand your own nature. It is this and this alone that eludes the seeker and which gives rise to the notion of gurus. But even the guru is an illusion – a mirage appearing in the desert to the one who is dying of thirst while searching for the sweet waters of everlasting life.

What you do not see is that you are already nourished by the very waters that you seek. It’s as if you are carrying a bottomless canteen with you everywhere that you go, refusing to drink from it for fear that it is poisoned. I say there is no ‘you’, and you shrink away. I say there is no ‘me’ and you assume that I am somehow mistaken. I say that there is only ‘THIS’, and your response begins with ‘yes, but…’ and trails off into the imaginary.

You do not need a guru my friend – your guru is in you and all around you, pretending to be you. Turn inward and look more closely, perhaps you will see that it is true. Perhaps you will recognize yourself as you really are and then be free to play the part that you have been given, the part that you are already playing right now; free to be exactly as you are, holding nothing back while doing nothing at all; allowing everything to unfold as it will.

If you still want a guru though, that’s fine. I’m happy to sit with you and point you back into yourself for as long as it takes. If you want something else, then I’m sure you’ll find whatever it is that is meant for you. It does not really matter either way; for you are always and only “THIS”, whether apparent to you or not.

~From the Heart of Bradley

(7 Apr 2018)
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4 weeks ago

Bradley Bemis

To perpetrate violence against another, just because they worship a different version of God than you do, serves only to prove that your yourself know nothing of God.

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