Thank you for your interest in scheduling a session together. I treat all sessions, whether teaching, guidance, counseling, coaching, or mentoring, in the same manner – allowing you to decide what you would like to spend our time focusing on.

My standard rate for a single session is $50.

I do not accept insurance.  However, I do run a donation-based scholarship fund for clients who cannot afford the full fee, reserve a small number of sliding-scale opportunities when the scholarship fund has been exhausted, and conduct occasional pro-bono work for those who may be living at or below the poverty line.  I also have a very small number of openings for people who I’ve worked with for a while and have become formal students, where there is no longer any form of payment involved – it’s just a supportive relationship of inner exploration and embodied living. 

Important Note:  As an up-front consideration, I strongly discourage prospective clients from working with me if they are not completely earnest, sincere, willing, and open to doing their own inner work with radical self-honesty.  Entering into a discourse regarding the enlightened insights of nondual wisdom can be very difficult, challenging, and frustrating to the mind – and requires tremendous personal courage.  This is especially true when there have already been several insights but the awakening process still feels ‘incomplete’.  Likewise, if you have specific ideas about what nonduality ‘is‘ or ‘should be‘, I would encourage you to work with someone else.  Keeping these points in mind will help save you time, money, and aggravation later on.  If you have any questions or concerns about this though, I am open to scheduling a free 30-minute familiarization session to make sure that we are going to be a good fit for working together. 

If you are still interested in moving forward, scheduling is handled through email coordination, payment is handled using a secure PayPal portal (but you do not need a PayPal account), and sessions are conducted online via Zoom.  For coordination purposes, I am in the eastern time zone, am usually available daily between 10am and 10pm, and sessions tend to last 60-90 minutes (with 90 minutes scheduled for the first session and remaining sessions lasting around 60 minutes each).  I am usually pretty flexible and can accommodate most clients’ timing needs if it’s necessary to make changes along the way.

Thank you again for your interest.  Please email me if you have any questions.   


I also want to mention that I am in the process of evaluating HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems used by counselors to automate scheduling, payments, session reminders, etc.  Once I’ve selected the one that I feel will best meet my needs, it will be integrated into this website so the whole process becomes much easier and streamlined for you.  The website is also going to be moving to a fully HIPAA-compliant web hosting provider toward the end of the year, which will include a significant revamp of the site.  This is a big part of what I’m working on between now and January. 

The Elephant in the Room: Mixing Money and Spirituality/Nonduality

…this article was written for those who question charging money for doing this kind of work since the subject tends to come up quite often in many nondual forums and communities. 

I just want to take a moment to diffuse the common arguments that “teachings should always be free”, and that “real teachers, masters, gurus, and sages don’t charge for their work”.  I want to diffuse it by saying that “I ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!!” and I wish this were possible in our culture today.  I very much dislike intermixing money with service work – it just feels ‘icky’.  This is why I DID offer everything freely for 7 solid years.  I often say things like “this realization already belongs to you, who I am to ransom it before returning it to you” because I really and truly mean it!  Look, I don’t actually care about money!  I spent 3 months living on the streets of Seattle as a homeless person after my awakening and life was a whole lot simpler without all of the headaches that tend to come with money. 

The reality of the situation though is that we live in a society, culture, and world that has a consumer-driven, commodity-oriented mindset and money is a big part of it.  Even churches, temples, monasteries, and ashrams; with their teachers, masters, gurus, and sages, have to support themselves either financially or in kind.  We aren’t living in a setting or an age where people can avoid the logistical realities of the monetary world – no matter how troubling or inconvenient we may find it to be.  But this creates a bit of a catch-22.  We are also not a culture that values the seeker, the mystic, or the ascetic; nor do we value the systems and structures that support a devotional life.  That’s the reality we find ourselves in – and so we must accommodate that reality.  I really and truly wish it were otherwise, but it’s not. 

This is where I find myself and so this is what must be accounted for – not just in daily life, but also in the basic efforts to be of real and meaningful service.  To become a better teacher and guide, to offer services like counseling and coaching, I made some serious financial investments in myself – something on the scale of $200,000+ in student loans by the time I complete my Ph.D. work…  not to mention the thousands of additional dollars spent on research materials, specialized training programs, ongoing licensure and certification requirements, etc.  Plus, the prices of the technologies I use to do this work tend to add up quickly.  On and on it goes.  For seven years I did everything for FREE at an average cost to me of around $2,000-$3,000 per year.  That’s right, for seven years I paid around $2,000-$3,000 a year, out of my own pocket, to be of service to others. 

Now, I can certainly go back to being homeless – and it would feel like a big sigh of relief for me.  But be honest, are you really interested in receiving teachings, guidance, counseling, coaching, and mentoring services from a homeless man living on the street?  Not likely!  It’s just not what we aspire toward within our existing socio-economic system.  Somewhere, at some point, something has got to give…  and that something has more to do with our notions and beliefs about what it means to be ‘spiritual’ or ‘enlightened’ in the modern world than it does with whether or not I want my family to live in a modest home, eat healthy food, and pursue professional development goals that help me help others more fully.  I’ve devoted my life to this work – and it is the calling of my heart!  It is also my livelihood and what I want to build my life around; all because I know what it is to suffer – and I also know what it is to move beyond suffering!  

So, with these considerations in mind, I sat down and figured out how much I probably SHOULD charge for sessions with people.  The average range for speaking with people who do the same kind of work that I do tends to be around $100-250/hour, with some people charging as much as $500 for a single session.  When I did my own math, my target charge rate came out to $165/hour.  Then I went back and started to ask myself if that was affordable for most people, was it reasonable to ask for, and was it consistent with a model of right livelihood that demonstrates love?  The answer was ‘no’!  So, I simply cut everything in half and redid my numbers.  The final number wasn’t ‘exactly’ half, but I was able to scale my base rate down to just $95, which certainly felt a lot better to me.  Then I cut it down to $50 + optional donation to make the base rate completely affordable for most people – and that’s where I plan to leave it for a while.  So my current rate is $50 per hour and I’m always open to donations that can help me continue to do this work at such a low rate.  And if $50/hour is too much – let me know and we’ll see if we can work something out.  All that really matters to me is that you have the opportunity to discover who you truly are and to live a life infused with this deep inner knowing. 

May you be well and at peace…

And to the person who would still judge, condemn, or criticize; the one who cannot reconcile the dualities of life that still emerge even after realization, all I can say is that you are welcome to your views, opinions, and beliefs but I am simply not interested in them.  I’m not here for you, I’m here for the people who recognize and value what’s really being offered.