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The pathless path of nondual wisdom can be confusing and disorienting to the one who is on it.  Most spiritual seekers tend to benefit from finding a realized teacher, guru, or sage who can provide support along the way. 

After my own realization in 2014, I began to teach, guide, and support those with an earnest and sincere desire to come to their own experiential realization of nondual insight.  Witnessing the subsequent psychological struggles that so many people were having across all nondual communities, I started to look for new tools and approaches that would help smooth out the process a bit.  In 2018 I took a 9-month course in Inner Presence Coaching, and in 2021 I graduated from a CACREP-accredited Masters Degree program (M.S.) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. 

Since then I’ve also done extensive trauma and addiction training, started an ICF-ACTP certification path for professional Life Coaching, and am now enrolled in a 1-year certificate program at UC San Diego for Teaching Adult Learners.  Next year I’ll be starting a Ph.D. program in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology, and may even pursue a nonsectarian Master’s of Divinity degree after that.  In other words, I am devoting the remainder of my life to being of service to those who are on this path – and am continually expanding my own horizons to augment my service work.

These days I look at the services I offer as a ‘flow’.  Nondual teachings are the starting point for most people and often flow into a need for experiential guidance.  Experiential guidance tends to require supportive psychological counseling.  Once we’ve addressed some of the deeper concerns, counseling flows into coaching.  Coaching is extremely helpful on the back end of realization and allows us to reorient our life direction in a way that better accommodates living the realizations of nondual insight in the ‘world’.  Finally, many of my clients want to devote themselves to service work as a result of their own awakening experiences, so I offer mentoring services to help them become teachers, guides, counselors, and coaches who emphasize experiential nondual wisdom. 

You can learn more about these offerings below…


Experiential instruction in contemplative wisdom that introduces clients to the liberating concepts of nonduality, combined with contemplative practices to facilitate insight

Including teachings on:

    • The nature and cause of human suffering
    • Tilting yourself in the direction of awakening
    • Loving yourself, trusting yourself, and honoring your own journey
    • Practicing mindfulness and meditation
    • Facing and letting go of your pain
    • Paying attention to synchronicity
    • Being wary of your traps
    • The dance of fear and surrender
    • Walking the infinite last mile
    • …and more


Direct guidance and support for clients who are waking up from the dream of duality, placing a strong emphasis on the stages of seeking, awakening, and deepening

Including guidance on:

    • Taking a nondual psycho-spiritual approach
    • The essential role of earnestness and sincerity
    • Conducting self-inquiry and cultivating the observer
    • Early-stage challenges of encountering the conditioned mind
    • Linguistic deconstruction and moving through the ‘I’ of awakening
    • Beginning to realize the true implications of an authentic awakening
    • Dealing with common issues like fear, uncertainty, doubt, and loneliness
    • Incorporating and integrating the kinesthetic and somatic experiences of the body
    • Relaxing into the embodiment of awakening and trusting in the present moment
    • Becoming your own teacher and following the guru within
    • …and more


Integral, transpersonal, and nondual counseling services that help clients work through the deeper, more tender layers of the self-structure that may need attention along the way.

Including counseling on:

    • Coping skills
    • Stress reduction
    • Managing anxiety
    • Grief-related work
    • Overcoming depression
    • Healing and recovering from trauma
    • Changing negative patterns and behaviors
    • Reframing problematic belief systems
    • Increasing psychological flexibility
    • Keeping addictions in remission
    • Common identity-based issues
    • End of life issues
    • …and more


Note: My master’s degree is in clinical mental health counseling, but I am not licensed to assess, diagnose, or treat mental health conditions. The counseling services that I offer are supportive in nature and not meant to be used as a replacement or alternative to working with a licensed clinician if you’ve been diagnosed with a major mental health disorder. 


Gentle, non-directive inner presence and life purpose coaching that helps clients clarify, nourish, and fulfill their life goals across all key dimensions of personal wellbeing.

Including coaching on:

    • Life
    • Career
    • Finances
    • Spirituality
    • Relationships
    • Finding happiness
    • Removing residual mental blocks
    • Getting your life back on track after awakening
    • Maximizing your potential and living your dreams
    • …and more


Fostering and supporting professional development efforts that inspire committed action toward awakened livelihoods such as teaching, guidance, counseling, and coaching. 

Including mentoring on:

    • Exploring your own vision of right livelihood
    • Identifying and honoring the calling of your heart
    • Getting out of your head and into the flow of what’s emerging
    • Being practical without becoming fearful or overconfident
    • Trusting in the process while also being fully engaged
    • Learning how to fail forward and keep things moving
    • Finding your own unique value proposition
    • Getting your business up and running
    • Assessing what needs to happen next
    • …and more


Giving keynote addresses at events, offering talks and other forms of supportive guidance to existing spiritual communities, and participating in podcast and video interviews.


A broad range of consulting services that may benefit businesses, schools, communities, and spiritual centers as they work to explore and integrate contemplative wisdom themes. 

Please email any questions that you may have about these services…