Event (Public Talk): Questioning the Fabric of Reality

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT      How a ‘thing’ becomes a ‘thing’. How the ‘mind’ becomes the ‘world’. QUESTIONING THE FABRIC OF REALITY This event has already passed, but an audio recording is available here: https://awakeningintolife.com/audio/29Sep21_Talk.m4a

Free Practice Coaching Sessions

Thank you for your interest in [FREE] LIFE COACHING SERVICES.  | Estimated value, $1,000 | Overview I recently completed a 5-day intensive Life Coaching course with the Life Purpose Institute that will lead to credentialing as a Certified Life Coach (CLC) and Board Certified Coach (BCC) within the next 60-90 days.  In order to meet […]

Series (Small Group Talk): A Campaign of Consciousness

This was a seven-part series of [Zoom] talks that Bradley gave in 2019.  It was the fifth iteration of his annual series on “These Five Things”, which includes: Part 1: Tilting in the Direction of Awakening Part 2: Loving, Trusting, and Honoring Yourself Part 3: Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation Part 4: Facing and Letting Go […]

A Continuum of Conscious Awareness

You can also listen to a podcast where this article is discussed: Note: All models are just an effort to bring one to a place where models are no longer necessary.  They are like stepping stones and should never be picked up and carried along… The Continuum of Conscious Awareness is a dynamic model that […]

A Radical Shift in Perspective

The Day Everything Changed During the summer of 2014, I was going through a terrible crisis of identity. My life was a shambling mess of a thing, and I was actively hiding from it; doing my best to distract myself from the day-in, day-out dramas of my own inner conflict. For years, I’d been lying […]