What is commonly referred to as a ‘spiritual awakening’ has many different meanings depending upon the context. Here we are using this term to describe a fundamental shift in conscious perception that is deeply psychological, heart-centered, and wisdom-based.  It is an experiential realization of our essential nature that is beyond all words, concepts, ideas, notions, and beliefs; a realization which has been shared by the great saints, sages, and mystics since the dawn of time and is central to the modern-day study of neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, linguistic anthropology, and more.  It is the direct, immediate, and intimate discovery of who you truly are, have always been, and can never cease to be – and it isn’t what you ‘think’.




Hello, my name is Bradley and I am a spiritual teacher of nonduality, Self-realization, and the embodiment of awakening.  I have been teaching, sharing, and guiding others on the spiritual path since undergoing a profound shift in conscious perception in October of 2014.  My direct experience of the awakening process has been deeply heart-centered and wisdom-based; with simplicity, practicality, and authenticity being the most prominent features. 

I do not align with any one single school of nondual teaching – I am not an Advaitan, or a Buddhist, or a Taoist, or a Christian.  I teach “the pathless path that leads one into and beyond enlightenment”.  This means that I am much more interested in catalyzing a direct, immediate, and intimate recognition of the nondual reality in those I work with than I am in debating the relative merits or limitations of any one particular religious or philosophical viewpoint.  That being said, the spiritual guidance that I offer is in direct alignment with the mystical heart of all wisdom traditions; including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism, Sikhism, Stoicism, and several other lesser-known contemplative wisdom traditions.  My work is also deeply influenced by ongoing research into the modern-day fields of neuroscience, transpersonal and experimental social psychology, linguistic anthropology, and more.

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The Three Most Essential Aspects of My Teaching Work

As mentioned above,  I am a spiritual teacher of nonduality, Self-realization, and the embodiment of awakening.  These are the central themes that are represented in all of the work that I do, all of the teaching that I offer, and in the way that I live my own life. 

Nonduality:  Non-dual means “not two” or “one undivided without a second”. It is a way of expressing the fundamental nature of reality as a singular whole, in a manner that is beyond the ability of the human mind to fully comprehend. It is something that is only made directly and experientially apparent when one sees beyond the illusory limits of the conceptual, mind-made self and conceptual, mind-made world – a process often referred to as ‘awakening’.  When I teach on the topic of nonduality, I’m really using concepts as a way of dismantling our reliance upon conceptual understanding.  It is using the mind to sharpen the mind until we can pierce the mind. 

Self-realization:  As one begins to awaken, there is a clear recognition that reality is seamless and indivisible; that every aspect of our experience is completely unitive as consciousness, being, or God.  This ineffable quality; the essential essence of all that is, is what we might refer to as the Self – as that which is only and always itself in and as all things.  It is the source and ground of our being.  It is that which lives and breathes us in and breathes us out, expressing and experiencing itself as the entire phenomenal realm of name and form.  When I am talking about Self-realization, I am speaking of a direct, experiential recognition that is no longer bound up in conceptual understanding.  It is a felt sense of presence that we find ourselves immersed in. 

The Embodiment of Awakening:  Continuing to mature our experiential understanding of nonduality and Self, we start to honor the realm of name and form as it appears centered within our field of awareness.  We no longer feel a need to distance ourselves from any aspect of our experience, or to protect ourselves from our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, or sensations.  All of life is allowed to be as it is; intimately alive in every direction.  We have set aside all of our questions and attuned ourselves to the ebb and flow of things as they are.  We embody our understanding of reality as it is and bring the boundless mystery of being into our normal everyday lives.  When I talk about embodiment, I’m really talking about embracing our humanity from a place of deep knowing and deep seeing, one that allows us to move through life in service to love.  Embodiment represents final fruition of the path.

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How I Work with Students and Clients

Most of my work is done online, though I do make myself available for in-person discussions when and where possible.  Using the Zoom teleconferencing platform, I engage in one-on-one and small group dialogues, conduct larger group sessions in both public and private forums, and host occasional trainings and workshops throughout the year.  I also accept invitations to speak to groups hosted in people’s homes and in various public settings. 

I try to offer as much as I can freely and without charge, asking for modest donations along the way.  When it comes to those services that I do charge for, I try to keep my rates very reasonable.  I don’t do this work for money – my calling is to be of service.  If I could, I’d do everything for free but that’s just not how our society works.   Everything is treated as a commodity, including spirituality, and western teachers have to accommodate this unfortunate reality. 

The most important thing is that you get a good sense of who I am, what I offer, and how I conduct myself.  It is entirely normal and natural to want to feel a sense of safety and security when you begin investing in a relationship with a new spiritual teacher.  Toward this end, I recommend that you spend some time reading through this website and see if what I’m saying resonates with you or not.  Then schedule a free initial session with me to get started.  You are also welcome to attend my free monthly discourse the “Second Sunday Satsang” where I host an open forum for people to ask questions and explore subtle spiritual topics. 

If you decide that you would like to engage with me as a student or client, then our work together will focus on where you are today and the direction that you want to move in.  Every session will be uniquely tailored to your needs and preferences, but ultimately aligned with the reason you’ve come to me in the first place: your own direct, immediate, and intimate realization of the Self; a life that is consciously infused with the living presence of your own being and fully embodied in everything that you do.  Most of my students and clients come to this recognition relatively quickly – within a few weeks or months.  Some have taken longer and have been working with me for years.  Others come to me for one or two sessions and then move on to whatever is next on their journey.

It’s really all up to you though.  There are no promises or guarantees on this path; something you’ll come to understand in our work together.  But if you bring a sincere and earnest desire for the truth of your own being, are willing to listen to the guidance offered and implement it in your life, then there’s a tremendous likelihood that our work together will leave a real and lasting impression on your sense of yourself – one that feels much lighter and more free than where you may be today.   

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My General Approach to Teaching

The approach that I take in my teachings helps students and clients understand that all spiritual teachings are contextual.  This means that I take a uniquely personalized approach with every individual who comes to me for guidance.  It’s all a question of where you are on your journey.  To help illustrate this point, there is a story I’d like to share about a great Buddhist master who would offer one-on-one guidance to his students.  One day his attendant asked him “Master, I see you speaking with each of your students.  To some, you will give one sort of advice.  To others, you will give the exact opposite advice.  Why is this so?” To which the master replied “When I see someone walking down the road and they are drifting into a ditch on the right, I say ‘go left, go left’.  And when they are drifting into a ditch on the left, I say ‘go right, go right’.”  This story encapsulates the central importance of understanding that all spiritual teachings are completely and totally contextual.   The sincere and earnest exploration of nonduality is a subtle art of fluidity and flexibility, and a teacher must be able to meet you exactly where you are as you take each step.  

The process that I use is based on a continuum of conscious awareness which is a dynamic model that represents five distinct stages of the spiritual journey: sleeping, seeking, awakening, deepening, and ceasing.  My teachings are essentially meant to be transitional; to take someone who is sleeping to the edge of seeking, someone who is seeking into awakening, someone who is awakening through deepening, someone who is deepening to the point of ceasing, and someone who is ceasing into a complete embracing of life.  The alignment present between this continuum and the framing of my teaching work breaks down into five central teaching series.  This framing loosely represents the common themes of maturation that tend to arise for most people and is usually how I structure my formal teachings.  Things may or may not flow in this way when we are doing individual work together though.  Again, everything is contextually oriented around you when we are working together in a one-on-one setting.  The teaching and sharing process will always shift to accommodate your needs because awakening is not really a linear process in the way that it’s presented here.  You may find yourself moving in and out of some stages again and again as you stabilize within new levels of insight and understanding.  All of this needs to be accounted for when working with a teacher – and it’s an important part of how I engage with students and clients. 



From Sleeping to Seeking: “The Inner Science of Self-Realization”

Sleeping:  This is the normal resting state of most people in our society today.  We can all summon to mind the mental image of one or more people who fit the traditional definition of ‘one who is asleep’.  For these people there is little to no interest in spiritual exploration, or if there is, it’s at the surface level; lacking in real substance.  The unquestioned assumptions, firmly rooted in their minds, govern their day to day lives – lives that are spent pursuing the activities of the world with little consideration for the possibility that there may indeed be another way.  In many cases, those who are ‘asleep’ are also in deep psychological or emotional pain.  This pain may be conscious or unconscious, but either way it has a tendency to manifest itself in attitudes of negativity and self-defeat.  It is a fearful pain, a contracted pain, a pain born in the isolation and separation of misunderstanding.  For this reason, it is important for those of us on the spiritual path to acknowledge their pain and forgive them for their actions.  We can call this ‘the practice of compassion’.  This practice is an invitation to hold our hearts open for all those who are enduring their own inner suffering.  Not to judge or condemn them, but to love them despite themselves.  In many ways, these people are our greatest teachers.  They are offering us the gift of patience and understanding. For those on the spiritual path, this kind of practice may be difficult; and can be fraught with its own kind of issues and challenges, but it is an essential part of our flowering process.  In some cases, the manner in which we treat such people may actually inspire them to begin questioning their underlying assumptions about the nature of life.  In doing so, we become the catalyst for their evolution into spiritual seekers

The Inner Science of Self-realization (Introductory):  A scientifically-oriented perspective on the nondual wisdom tradition which may be beneficial for those who have little interest in spirituality or may be wary of spiritual teachers and teachings.  This teaching series covers the following main topics:

  • The inner science of self-realization
  • The nature and cause of suffering
  • Simplifying and clarifying the path
  • A continuum of conscious awareness
  • Moving through the five stages
  • Going beyond the continuum
  • Getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’



From Seeking to Awakening: “Tilting in the Direction of Awakening”

Seeking:  The seeker is generally born, within our direct experience, as an acknowledgment that something may be missing from our lives.  The seeker can also ‘explode onto the scene’ as the result of a traumatic experience, or a particularly difficult set of circumstances.  For some, the seeker is just a natural unfolding that comes without any coaxing at all.  What produces the seeker is generally of less importance than the simple fact that the seeking quality has emerged within our experience.  As this seeking quality arises, we somehow find ourselves compelled to question the inner workings of our own minds, and to find answers that resolve the incongruities of our apparent existence.  We may develop an insatiable appetite for knowledge about religion, spirituality, psychology, science, and more.  We may dedicate a large part of our lives to the activities of seeking, such as prayer and meditation, participation in spiritual communities, listening to teachers, going through various forms of psychotherapy, and engaging in a myriad of other such explorative methods.  Some of us may even go so far as to travel to distant lands, or disappear into cloistered spiritual communities where everything is a reflection of our spiritual intent.  There is really no wrong way to engage in the activity of seeking – the seeking itself draws us in whatever direction we need to go.  It is enough that we are seeking.  What really matters is the degree of sincerity and earnestness with which we approach our seeking activities; the degree of self-honesty that we are willing to apply to our seeking process.  If our desire is pure, and we are willing to do the work required of us, then we greatly increase the chances that we will experience that which is sought – the experience of ‘awakening’.

Tilting in the Direction of Awakening (Foundational):  A thorough analysis of the awakening process combined with the most common means and methods that can facilitate a direct realization of ourselves as we truly are.  This teaching series covers the following main topics:

  • Tilting in the direction of awakening
  • Loving yourself, trusting yourself, and honoring your own journey
  • Practicing mindfulness and meditation
  • Facing and letting go of your pain
  • Paying attention to synchronicity
  • Being wary of your traps
  • The dance of fear and surrender



From Awakening to Deepening: “Moving Through the ‘I’ of Awakening”

Awakening:  When we begin to talk about the true nature of an authentic ‘spiritual awakening’, we may be tempted to believe that this term has a particular meaning associated with it.  Because we already have a preconceived notion, we may prefer to seek out descriptions that are consistent with these notions rather than opening ourselves up to the possibility that it may not ‘mean’ what we think it does.  In fact, one of the most challenging aspects of talking about spiritual awakening is the mind’s tendency to insert itself into the dialogue and begin describing what it wants the awakening to be.  For many of us, we are fixated on the end result of the awakening process – not on what it actually takes to arrive at it.  We want the peace that is promised, the freedom from suffering, the bliss of being; but we want it in pill form so that it’s easy to swallow and offers immediate benefits.  None of these preconceptions actually have anything at all to do with awakening though.  Awakening is something else entirely.  This gentle warning is offered to the seeking mind so that it is prepared to engage in an honest discussion about what an awakening really is.  The experience of awakening can be a gradual one, or it can come on all at once, but its quintessential hallmarks are largely consistent across the stories of all those who have been invited into it.  They are common enough, at least, to warrant mention.  These include the direct comprehension of emptiness and wholeness; not as mind-made conceptualizations, but as an intimate and immediate realization of ourselves as unconditioned awareness.  This realization is not the end of the journey however, it is the beginning of a new one – a deepening into the understanding of who and what we truly are.

Moving Through the ‘I’ of Awakening (Intermediate):  A deeper form of investigative work where we continue to examine the self-structure and how our minds create our perceptual experience of reality through language and thought.  This teaching series covers the following main topics:

  • Moving through the ‘I’ of awakening
  • Understanding the nature of mind
  • Recognizing that which is prior to mind
  • Implications of the unconditioned
  • Addressing fear, uncertainty, and doubt
  • Practices for dissolving into awareness
  • The truth runs deeper than you ‘think’



From Deepening Into Ceasing: “Relaxing Into the Embodiment of Awakening”

Deepening:  Once we have crested the shores of awakening, and glimpsed the fundamental truth of our essential nature, we are properly positioned to engage our seeking activities from an entirely different vantage point.  It is the awakening process itself that demands deepening.  As we awaken, we begin to recognize that, although we are none other than awareness, our conditioned minds still have a tremendous hold over our experience of life.  This conditioned mind is very much akin to an old-style record, with many deep grooves in it.  If we are to arrive at a culminating point in our experience of awakening, then we must take the time to polish the record until all of the grooves have disappeared.  For many, the deepening process is actually the most difficult and challenging stage of awakening.  It can even include a more pronounced sense of suffering than before our experience of awakening.  During this stage, we are forced to feel everything, investigate everything, and allow everything.  The weight of watching our inner and outer worlds crumble can be devastating to the egoic mind, and is absolutely inescapable.  We are often drawn into a dance of fear and surrender that requires us to abandon every aspect of our old conceptual world and learn how to become comfortable with a new life of complete uncertainty.  Meanwhile, we are also called to experience ourselves with such love and compassion that we fall inward towards its invisible center of gravity.  As we empty ourselves of ourselves, this love pours in from every direction, completely consuming our old identity and restoring our inherent innocence, wonder, and joy.  Eventually, something begins to dawn within our direct experience – a sense of wholeness, fullness, and completeness that gives way to the quality of ceasing.

Relaxing Into the Embodiment of Awakening (Advanced):  A way of moving beyond the trials and tribulations of the awakening process into a deeper sense of wholeness, fullness, and completeness that centers us in the immediacy of our own direct experience.  This teaching series covers the following main topics:

  • Relaxing into the embodiment of awakening
  • Witnessing the infinite perfection of life
  • Accepting what has always been true
  • Resolving all paradoxes and ambiguities
  • Becoming comfortable with uncertainty
  • Celebrating the joy of ‘not knowing’
  • Getting on with the business of life



From Ceasing to a Complete Embracing of Life: “Walking the Infinite Last Mile”

Ceasing:  For those who have not experienced it for themselves, ceasing is just as difficult to speak on as ‘awakening’.  Primarily because within the dawning of ‘ceasing’, there is a recognition that reveals to us we never needed to seek anything in the first place.  Even ‘awakening’ itself is a myth.  Anything and everything that we have ever read or heard said about the awakening process is seen in a completely new light.  We are invited into the cosmic joke of spirituality, of which we are love’s punchline.  There is so much openness, spaciousness, and joy within our direct experience of life that all seeking activities fall gently away into a direct knowingness that all there is to do, has been done; and all that there is to know, is now known. Everything is clear, crystalized, effortless, and simple. There’s no resistance left, only love.  We are ‘in the world, but not of the world’.  Life goes on, just as it did before, but nothing will ever be the same again because we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we cannot know, and that all is always well.  Life is just taking care of itself, as it always has.  What we are, just *IS*, and we are all *IT*.  It is all *JUST THIS* and our role is to *JUST BE*.  Nothing more can be said on the matter.  It is a state that would appear as a complete paradox to the mind, but because of the deepening process, the mind has attenuated to a new reality where it no longer needs to know or do anything in particular.  It sees itself as a contextual remnant of a dream world, but also sees beyond itself into the sphere of absolute reality.  It can hold all paradoxes because it is no longer the point from which life is lived.  It can weather all ambiguities because it no longer expects life to comply with its demands.  It is from this place that we enter into the infinite last mile.

Walking the Infinite Last Mile (Mastery):  Here we focus our attention on coming back into the world and living our lives in the everyday mystery.  It represents the final stage of the process and is where all of my teachings come to an end.  This teaching series covers the following main topics:

  • Walking the infinite last mile
  • It is always and only “THIS”
  • Coming down from the mountaintop
  • Allowing yourself to be fully human
  • Living a completely ordinary life
  • Doing your part in the world
  • Sharing the truth with others



The Infinite Last Mile

This particular stage falls outside of the five stages of the continuum because it is not a stage. One might say ‘it is the stateless state of statelessness’, where one’s deep inner knowing is all that really matters and governs all aspects of life.  For those who have come home to this place, it speaks for itself.

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