Satsang…  a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering that explores the nature of Truth.

An Introduction to Nonduality: The Sacred Heart of All Traditions

Many people are unfamiliar with this word ‘nonduality’.  If it does have a ring of familiarity, it’s usually associated with eastern traditions like Buddhism and Hinduism, and yet a quick review of works like ‘Intimacy with God’, by Father Thomas Keating, or ‘Everything Belongs’ by Father Richard Rohr, we see that nonduality is indeed essential to Christianity.  The book ‘Everything is God: The Radical Path of Nondual Judiasm’, by Jay Michaelson, makes it easily accessible to those of the Jewish faith.  Nonduality is at the core of Sufi mysticism in Islam, and written about extensively in the poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, and many more.  There is also nondual Shamanism as presented by Jason Schulman in his book ‘The Nondual Shaman’, or the sacred ways of the Lakota people as spoken of by Black Elk.  It is of course central to Taoism, to all contemplative Yoga’s, and to all other mystical or esoteric paths that turn one inside – toward the dissolving of all illusions.  In his seminal work ‘The Perennial Philosophy’, famed author Aldus Huxley explained that the same basic themes are repeated over and over again throughout every spiritual and philosophical tradition.  If we look for ourselves and do our own research, it becomes clear that nonduality has something very powerful and important to say about who we truly are and what life is really all about. That’s why it keeps showing up as a common theme, as an underlying principle – and that’s why you’re being invited into it right now…  

Come join us on Sunday, 20 January, for an open discourse on nonduality and its presence in all of the various places that we might look, sincerely, for truth.  We will be meeting in the park, at Winter Park from 3pm to 5pm, near the Harp fountain.  All are welcome to attend.  No familiarity with nonduality is required.  Please feel free to bring a blanket or chair to sit on, since we will be meeting in the park.  If it is raining, we will be meeting at the Winter Park Starbucks instead that’s just down Park Ave.   If you need any further guidance or directions, or have any questions, please feel free to text of call Bradley at 425-233-2571. 

[SIT Series 6: Session 3] [Jan 2019]

—Bradley Bemis is an Orlando-based spiritual teacher of non-duality and Self-realization, an inner presence coach and guide, and is currently working toward his Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He offers a combination of public discourses and private sessions for those who are interested in exploring the enlightened insights of nondual wisdom.