Scheduling Sessions

While I offer several different service types (teaching, coaching, counseling*, and mentoring), the process for scheduling private sessions remains the same. 

I primarily use Microsoft Bookings to schedule session appointments and the Zoom telecommunications platform to conduct them.  Microsoft Bookings is connected, via Office 365 for Business, to my Outlook calendar and is always up-to-date.  You are able to schedule free and paid sessions in whatever date/time slots you see available.   If a session is a paid session, you’ll be required to pay the fee at the time of booking based on the length of the session you want to schedule.  Please note that I do not offer refunds, so you’ll need to make sure that you pay attention to the date and time that you are scheduling with me. 

Once you have booked your session, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with additional details on how to connect with me via Zoom.  If you need to cancel or reschedule for some reason, you can follow the instructions provided in the e-mail.  I generally ask for 24-hours of notice if you need to cancel or reschedule.  If you do not honor this 24-hour window, you will lose your deposit.  I can be flexible on this policy if there are extenuating circumstances and may offer you the opportunity to use the free session booking form to schedule a new appointment that you’ve already paid for.  Again, however, I do not issue refunds.  

If you have any questions of concerns regarding this process, please feel free to contact me at

*My current focus is on teaching, coaching, and mentoring.  I am not currently offering counseling services.  All mentions of counseling are meant to serve as a placeholder for after I complete my M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in February of 2021.  After that I will be licensed as a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern for a period of two years, and able to offer limited counseling services under close supervision.  I do not expect to be in a position to offer formal counseling services in a private practice setting until mid-2023. 



To Schedule a Free Initial Session

I offer a free one-hour initial session for those who are interested in meeting with me to ask questions and determine whether or not they want to work with me as a client or a student.  These sessions are not really meant to address issues, challenges, or problems that you may be facing in your life, but if it will help you get a sense of how our time together might be spent – I’m happy to help in any way I can. 

Note: While this initial session is free, we do accept and appreciate donations – a donation is entirely optional though.

Schedule Your Free Initial Session


To Schedule a Paid Session

If you decide that you would like to continue working together, as a client or as a student, we can meet as often as you like in 30, 60, or 90 minute time increments.  Depending on what you’d like to discuss, we can take a teaching, coaching, or mentoring approach as appropriate.  Our session time together belongs to you, so it’s yours to do whatever you like with. 

My current rates are as follows:

  • $45 for 30 minutes
  • $75 for 60 minutes
  • $105 for 90 minutes

My rates are very reasonable.  Most of the nondual teachers I’ve spent time speaking with charge between $125 and $165 per hour.  Coaches can charge as much as $200 or more per hour.  I really want to be accessible to people though – to make sure that our time together is valuable but affordable.  The work that I do is about being of service, not about making money.  I don’t have any interest in enriching myself at the cost of your financial wellbeing. 

Schedule a Paid Session


Becoming a Student-Member

Another option for longer-term, more in-depth guidance and support is to become a student-member.  Being a student-member means that you have signed-up to become a formal student of my nondual spiritual teachings.  This process requires that we’ve met for at least four one-hour sessions, we both agree that you are a strong candidate for student status, and you have signed a written agreement that asserts your commitment to doing the deep inner work that I require of my formal students.  You pay a modest fee of $50 per month and gain the following benefits:

  • One free 60-minute session per month
  • $5 off of all additional paid sessions together
  • A 20% discount on all workshops and courses that I hold
  • Access to sections of the website that are reserved for student-members
  • An invitation to participate in closed group sessions that are only open to student-members

Please note that becoming a formal student is not to be taken lightly.  This is really only meant for those who have a burning desire to know their own being which cannot be quenched through any other means.  It requires a seriousness and a sense of dedication, an earnest sincerity and a willingness to become radically self-honest.   It means that you will take the instructions you are given and honor what is asked of you.  I promise that you will never be abused, mistreated, or misled in any way.   That’s not the direction of things here.  But to take on a teacher and become a formal student is a solemn and sacred bond which requires a form of wise-surrender that very few westernized minds are really willing to entertain.   This is what is being asked of you if you are interested in becoming a student-member. 

To learn more about this option, please send an email to  



Other Types of Free Sessions

Sometimes I will host a workshop or a series that includes a certain number of free sessions.  These free sessions will usually have a specific theme around them and are meant to facilitate a deeper appreciation for the information being shared as part of the series.  They represent an opportunity to personalize the content, explore questions in-depth, and address any issues or concerns that you may have.

When these types of free sessions are included as part of a workshop or series, you’ll be given specific details on the number, frequency, and types of free sessions being offered.  Just follow the directions provided in order to schedule them.



If You Simply Cannot Afford to Pay

Sometimes we just don’t have the kind of financial freedom or flexibility needed to attend to our psycho-spiritual needs.  As stated previously, I do not do this work in order to make money.  I do it to be of service.  With this fact in mind, I reserve a small number of session-hours each month for those experiencing financial hardship.   This is something we will need to discuss in our free initial session together though (which can be scheduled above). 

Please note that if you have the ability to pay, but are just trying to avoid paying for services, you are taking an opportunity away from someone who really cannot afford the help they need.  This option is really only meant for people who are in dire financial straits.