Q&A Session 1, 17 October 2021

Weekly Questions and Answers on Nonduality, Self-realization, and Embodied Awakening with Bradley Bemis, M.S., from Awakening Into Life (awakeningintolife.com).  These free, open sessions take place on Sunday nights at 8pm (EST) on Bradley’s FacebookLive feed. 

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Q&A Session 1, 17 October 2021

Opening Comments (4 minutes)

Q1 (21 minutes):  How can I “know mind as mind”?

Original quote:  My most basic and fundamental teaching is: “know mind as mind”. If you can penetrate what this means, everything else is answered and understood.

Original question:  I’d like to learn how, is it through meditation?

Q2 (10 minutes):  I am taking opiates for severe ankle pain.  I have a family member who died in misery due to a drug addiction, and I want to get rid of my own addiction before it kills me.  How can I do this?     

Q3 (23 minutes):  My question relates to embodiment:  I find relating to people and the world can be challenging, as I think/relate/sense things very deeply and differently from the conventional paradigm. It can cause me a lot of pain seeing the suffering and views of the world, both in what I see happening in the present time, which triggers my shadows and personal pain. Most of the people and relationship aversion I can see is related to childhood and life trauma. Can you elaborate on the facing and unraveling you mentioned pertaining to this aspect?

Q4 (11 minutes):  What if we think of the mind as the brain?

Closing Comments (3 minutes)

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Bonus Clip: Is a self needed to make decisions?

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