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I’m always happy to sit down with people to discuss various aspects of nonduality, Self-realization, and embodied awakening.  If there is something of value that I can offer your audience or community, it would be my absolute pleasure to do so.

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16 July 2020


The Nonduality Podcast: The Fluid Nature of the Awakening Journey with Bradley Bemis

For this interview, I was invited to speak with author and nondual Therapist Nic Higham for a segment on his Nonduality Podcast.  We spoke about a five-stage awakening model that I’d put together some time ago called “A Continuum of Conscious Awareness”.   In this discussion, we step through the entire awakening journey and consider some of the therapeutic implications of awakening.


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9 November 2017

Orlando, FL

Dr. Scott Graves: Exploring Nonduality with Bradley Bemis

I sat down for an in-depth discussion with my good friend Dr. Scott Graves.  We covered a wide variety of topics – all of which are directly related to inner inquiry and nondual exploration.   Scott has included a complete breakdown of our talk on his own website for the Triune Wellness Center.  Click below to learn more and listen to our conversation.  


*Please note that this button will take you to the page on Scott’s site where this talk is made available.