Notice: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, I am offering one free session per week to anyone who feels that they would benefit from discussing spiritual and psychological issues related to loneliness, fear, anxiety, sickness, and death.  This offer has been extended through March of 2020.  

This page is used to book free sessions with Bradley, either as an initial consultation, or as part of a special service [see coronavirus notice above].  In general I do not offer more than one free initial consultation (unless otherwise stated).  However, you are invited to book as many sessions as you like via my main session booking page at:

Once you’ve booked your free session below, you’ll get a confirmation message and additional instructions on use of the Zoom teleconferencing platform that I host my sessions on.  You can also opt to e-mail me and coordinate the use of Skype or Facetime instead. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail message at

~Bradley Bemis is an Orlando-based spiritual author, teacher, and guide who fully embodies the nondual wisdom and compassion of awakeness.  He is also an inner presence coach and a third-year graduate student in the CACREP-accredited Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Walden University.  He currently engages in one-on-one and small group dialogues, conducts larger group sessions in both public and private forums, and hosts occasional trainings and workshops throughout the year.  You can schedule a free introductory session with Bradley, or attend his monthly ‘Second Sunday Satsang’ to see if his approach resonates within the depths of your Being. 

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