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The central teaching of nonduality is not of the mind, about the mind, or for the mind. It is, in fact, beyond the mind. The work of a nondual teacher is to help deconstruct the various layers of mind that are being identified with and taken to be real so that one may experientially recognize what the teacher is pointing toward: our true, essential nature as that which is prior to the mind.

In these sessions, we will take questions from participants and use these questions to aid in the deconstruction process. All are invited. No previous experience or familiarity with nonduality is required.


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Zoom is a free teleconferencing application that can be used on your PC, tablet, or phone.  You can also call into the meeting if you prefer not to use the application.  When you register, you’ll receive all of the specifics via email.  We’ll usually open up the Zoom session around 5 to 10 minutes early.  If no one has joined by 8:15, we will close the session.  For additional information about Zoom, you can check out their website at

Past Sessions:

All sessions are recorded, via Zoom, and then uploaded to our PAST SESSIONS page.  You can either watch the video recording, or you can listen to an audio-only version if you prefer.  Each session runs for about 90 minutes and can cover quite a bit of ground.  If you find anything confusing, or have questions, we would encourage you to join us for the next live session to add to the dialogue. 


All of our events, activities, and services are delivered on a donation-basis.  These donations are entirely optional!  Your generosity simply helps us make these teachings freely available to anyone who wishes to explore the enlightened insights of nondual wisdom.  Please see the event donation form below if you feel drawn to offering your financial support.  

—Bradley Bemis is an Orlando-based spiritual teacher of non-duality and Self-realization, an inner presence coach and guide, and is currently working toward his Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He offers a combination of public discourses and private sessions for those who are interested in exploring the enlightened insights of nondual wisdom.

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