Event (Public Talk): The Promise, Process, and Pitfalls of Obtaining Spiritual Enlightenment

This video presentation was recorded on 22 Nov 2015 at The New Way POD in Cocoa Fl. 

Note: This was Bradley’s very first [recorded] public talk. 

Some of the topics covered during this presentation include:

• The true nature of all things
• A continuum of conscious awareness
• The confusion of the conditioned mind
• How words, concepts, and ideas keep us trapped
• Origins, purpose, and releasing of egoic consciousness
• Surrendering the concept of self and entering into oneness
• Seeing past the separation of duality into the full flow of life
• Experiential knowing as a basis for faith that moves us past fear
• Letting go of the past and setting aside expectations for the future
• Mindfulness, present moment awareness, and living in the eternal now
• Accepting things as they are without judgment, desire, or aversion
• Seeing the perfection and harmony of the universe
• Disciplining the mind to move beyond the mind
• Letting loving-kindness be your guide
• Living an awakened life
• …and so much more.

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