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We really appreciate your support.  Lisa and I do all of our spiritual work for free, on a donation-only basis.  There are a lot of people in this world who really can’t afford to be heard or listened to by someone who charges money.  We stand firmly in the position that *FREE* should ALWAYS be an option!  Your generosity helps us do this work without having to deny services to someone just because they can’t pay. 

The form below can be used to submit any-sized donation using the secure Paypal payment gateway.  All donations are used to cover the cost of providing services, hosting sessions, awareness and outreach efforts, community building, and volunteer projects that are being supported by Nondual Orlando.  Additional donations over this amount are being kept in a separate fund that will be used toward a down payment on a house that we will be turning into a nondual awareness center in early to mid 2020.  



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Your generosity is always appreciated and makes this work possible.