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Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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I am a graduate-level student-intern providing services regulated under Florida Statute 491.014(4)(c).  I am pursuing a course of study which leads to a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, providing services in a training setting, and these services constitute a supervised course of study.  I have been a student in the School of Counseling at Walden University since March of 2018, completed all required coursework, and maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout the program.  I’ve also been formally recognized as having ‘exceptional’ clinical skills, received accolades from my professors and fellow students, and am an active member of the Chi Sigma Iota national honors society for mental health counseling students.  In addition to my scholastic achievements, I have also pursued additional clinical training in the areas of behaviorism, addiction counseling, and trauma treatment; and have over six years of experience working directly with clients to address issues of psychological suffering in a contemplative spiritual context. 

Educational Program

Walden University is an accredited university recognized by the Department of Education, the Higher Learning Commission, and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.  The Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) which sets national standards for counseling programs and is further recognized Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the American Counseling Association (ACA).  My program of study has included an Introduction to Mental Health Counseling, Foundations for Graduate Study in Counseling, Techniques in Counseling, Theories of Counseling, Ethics and Legal Issues in Counseling, Multicultural Counseling, Assessment in Counseling and Education, Lifespan Development, Diagnosis and Assessment, Group Process and Dynamics, Research Methodology and Program Evaluation, Couples and Family Counseling, Career Counseling, Social Change in Action, Counseling Addictive Disorders, Psychopharmacology, Crisis, Trauma, and Disaster Response.  I have also taken part in two pre-practicum clinical labs, a group lab, and am now formally engaged in the field experience portion of the program as a student intern.  My additional coursework includes classes in Assessment in Counseling and Addiction (toward a specialization in Addiction Counseling) and Human Sexuality (toward a specialization in Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling). 

Clinical Supervision

While engaged in the field experience portion of this supervised course of study, I am required to meet weekly, for two hours each week, with my faculty supervisor at Walden University.  I am also required to spend at least one hour each week meeting with my field supervisor, Dr. Teresa Bobo, a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Florida (PY10433).  While direct supervision of each individual session is not required, it is necessary for me to provide audio recordings*, transcripts, and other appropriate documentation in order to review each case with my designated supervisors and complete my clinical coursework.  They will provide continued guidance and feedback on my performance throughout the field experience process –  and serve as an escalation point for any emergencies or client concerns that may arise. 

Approach to Counseling

My primary clinical orientation is integral, transpersonal, and nondual in nature.  I draw heavily from Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Relational Frame Theory, Jungian Analytical Theory, Existential Theory, and Depth Psychology.  I am also conversant in many traditional approaches to behaviorism, counseling, and psychology, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Brief Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Positive Psychology, and many others. 

Primary Areas of Clinical Focus

I work with people from all walks of life who are experiencing a broad range of mental health challenges, including trauma, loss, grief, stress, anxiety, depression, identity issues, veterans issues, addiction issues, palliative/hospice care, homelessness/indigence, and marriage or family concerns.  I am also deeply skilled in working with issues of fear, guilt, shame, unworthiness, self-doubt, self-blame, and many other common issues that tend to underly the presenting symptoms of a mental health concern. 

The General Course of Counseling

When we meet, it will be at a prearranged date and time, in the evenings or on the weekends, using the Telemental health platform Simple Practice.  Simple Practice is a complete, end-to-end, HIPAA-compliant service delivery platform used by Holistic Integrative Counseling Services to provide therapeutic services, including scheduling, sessions, and record keeping.  Unless otherwise stated, we will meet for 60 minutes during each session; ideally for a total of 10 sessions over a 10-week period.  During our first session, we will conduct an intake interview, which is meant to help inform our remaining time together. 

Session Fees and Other Costs

All of the services being offered, by me, during this supervised course of study, are offered free of charge.  There is no cost to you or to your insurance provider if you have one.  In lieu of payment, you are agreeing to work with me to satisfy my field experience requirements and agreeing to have our sessions recorded* for review by my clinical supervisors. 

Counselor Responsibilities

My work as a counselor is meant to be highly interactive and collaborative.  Rather than seeing our roles as ‘counselor’ and ‘client’, my preferred method of working together is more akin to two interested parties who are coming together in the spirit of curiosity to examine the unique circumstances which brought you to counseling.  We may go through a series of formal and informal assessments, discuss certain diagnostic criteria, and build a treatment plan that helps you achieve your goals; but this is not necessarily a linear, counselor-led process.  It is a dynamic, joint undertaking that shapes itself to your particular needs over time. 

Client Responsibilities

As a client in counseling, you are encouraged to participate actively and fully in your own course of treatment. Many counselors will assign homework activities, reading, and so forth. You are encouraged to follow through with as many homework assignments as possible. In addition, please keep me apprised when you cannot complete out-of-session assignments so that we can make a new plan. Also, if you feel you do not fully understand something, you can always ask for clarification. It’s important to note that clients who take an active approach to their treatment are likely to make more therapeutic progress than those who are passive.

Your Rights as a Client

You are encouraged to discuss any issues or problems relating to our time together with me first; however, if you feel that I am not meeting your needs or have somehow violated the therapeutic bond, you have the right to speak with my Walden supervisor, my field supervisor, or both, at any time.

Supervision Contacts

Walden University

Dr. Teresa Bobo

Emergencies and Crisis Support

The services being offered here, free of charge, are meant to address common issues, challenges, and concerns.  If, however, you are in crisis or need emergency support, you are encouraged to contact 911 or reach out to the 1-800-273-TALK crisis hotline. 

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*The provisions for audio and video recordings are entirely optional and require a separate consent form that will be delivered when you sign up to receive services.   If you have not consented to being recorded, I will not be recording our sessions. 

**Another copy of this information will be provided when you sign up to receive services as a ‘Consent to Intern-Provided Counseling Services’ which must be acknowledged and accepted within our Simple Practice portal before our first session together. 

***If you have any questions, about anything on this page, please email me at