About Bradley

Bradley Bemis is an Orlando-based spiritual author, teacher, and guide who fully embodies the nondual wisdom and compassion of awakeness.

Simple, deep, and direct, his humble offerings are a modernized encapsulation of an ancient truth, presented without the trappings of inflexible religious belief systems, culturally-inspired spiritual traditions, or confusing metaphysical theories. It is the truth of our being, stripped down and laid bare for all to see, through direct experiential realization – if they so choose.

His awakened spiritual guidance is in direct alignment with the core foundations of all esoteric mystical transmissions; including Christian Monasticism and Gnosticism, all Schools of Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta (Hinduism), Sufism (Islam), Kabbalah (Judaism), Jnana Yoga, Taoism, Sikhism, Stoicism, and several other lesser-known contemplative wisdom traditions; combined with ongoing research into the modern-day fields of neuroscience, transpersonal and experimental social psychology, linguistic anthropology, and more.

Everything he offers comes from his own direct experience.  In October of 2014 he underwent a profound shift in consciousness that is often referred to as a ‘spiritual awakening’.  In a singular moment he saw beyond the thinking mind into the infinite silence and stillness of pure awareness, and watched everything else fall away.  Within six months Bradley sold all of his possessions and entered into the homeless life as a wandering ascetic.  He spent three months living on the streets of Seattle, sleeping in front of a bookstore at night and sharing his newly awakened insights through street-ministry work during the day.  In 2015 he moved to Florida, began to offer public teachings, and in 2018 started engaging in formal studies to become a coach and counselor to augment his offerings. 

He is the graduate of a 9-month Inner Presence Coaching program, is now in his 3rd-year of graduate studies in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and is currently enrolled in additional training programs in the behavioral and mental health disciplines.  He was inducted into the Chi Sigma Iota national honors society in 2019; and is an active member of the American Counseling Association, the Center for Nondual Awareness, and the Association for Spiritual Integrity.  He established the ‘Nondual Orlando’ community awareness project in 2017, founded the ‘Smiling Moon Sangha’ in 2018, and is currently working to launch ‘The Nondual Counseling Center’ in 2020.  He has spoken in a wide range of settings, including local symposiums, new age and new thought churches, Zen Centers, Buddhist Temples, open spiritual communities, and on-line.

He currently engages in one-on-one and small group dialogues, conducts larger group sessions in both public and private forums, and hosts occasional trainings and workshops throughout the year.

Before becoming ‘aware of awareness’ as the core essence of all that is, Bradley was born in Bermuda, grew up in a military family, and joined the U.S. Air Force in 1991.  He left his final military assignment with Air Force Special Operations Command in 2000 and moved to Seattle Washington.  In Seattle Bradley worked as an information security professional; doing cybersecurity consulting work for many well-known companies, including Microsoft, Starbucks, and Boeing. He completed his B.S. in Information Technology Systems and began working on both an MBA and a PsyD; later switching to an MS in Education, and finally to his current graduate work in mental health counseling. 

He was raised Catholic, became an atheist, and then stumbled across Buddhism.  Bradley studied in the Theravada Buddhist tradition with the Seattle Insight Meditation Society and at the Vipassana retreat center of S.N. Goenka, both from 2004-2005.  It was not until 10 years later that this brief period of study would culminate in the awakening of conscious Presence.  In 2014, facing an existential crisis of character, Bradley spontaneously began inquiring into the question ‘Who Am I?’  With no familiarity or exposure to any nondual teacher or teaching, he had naturally entered into the time-honored technique of self-inquiry.  All at once, everything fell away and his life was changed forever. 

Since 2014, Bradley has openly taught the core essence of nonduality as a way to clear the mind, open the heart, and realize the truth of who and what we have always been.  His whole life is now lived in devotion and service to the underlying truth of this reality – and extending an invitation for others to investigate and discover this truth for themselves. 

He currently lives in Orlando Florida, is a full-time student and spiritual teacher, spends a great deal of his time studying ancient wisdom texts from all spiritual and philosophical traditions, and enjoys relaxing with his girlfriend Lisa and her son Evan. 

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