Bradley’s Teachings

Tilting in the Direction of Awakening

[Foundational Teachings]

This series of teachings is primarily meant for those in the early seeking stage of their journey; those who are struggling with their daily lives, looking for answers, or ready to try something new.  Even if you already have a particular religious or spiritual predisposition, the structure and content of this teaching series includes common principles and practices that may aid you on your path.  These foundational teachings include:

  • Tilting in the direction of awakening
  • Loving yourself, trusting yourself, and honoring your own journey
  • Practicing mindfulness and meditation
  • Facing and letting go of your pain
  • Paying attention to synchronicity
  • Being wary of your traps
  • The dance of fear and surrender 

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Moving Through the ‘I’ of Awakening

[Intermediate Teachings]

This series of teachings is primarily meant for those who are beginning to awaken, or who have gotten stuck somewhere in their awakening process.  It is appropriate for anyone who has glimpsed the illusion of ‘self’, had a profound opening experience, or come into a direct experience of themselves as unconditioned awareness, but is not likely to make sense to those who have not experienced ego dissolution, falling away, or emptiness.  These intermediate teachings include:

  • Moving through the ‘I’ of awakening
  • Understanding the nature of mind
  • Recognizing that which is prior to mind 
  • Implications of the unconditioned
  • Addressing fear, uncertainty and doubt 
  • Practices for dissolving into awareness 
  • The truth runs deeper than you ‘think’ 


Relaxing Into the Embodiment of Awakening

[Advanced Teachings]

This series of teachings is primarily meant for those in the deepening stages of their awakening experience, or those who find themselves asking the question ‘when will I be done?’  It is appropriate for anyone who has been cycling through their awakening process for a long period of time, may be trapped in the absolute perspective, or has lost interest in life as a result of the awakening experience.  This series is not recommended for beginners, as it will create more confusion for the mind.  These advanced teachings include:

  • Relaxing into the embodiment of awakening
  • Witnessing the infinite perfection of life
  • Accepting what has always been true
  • Resolving all paradoxes and ambiguities
  • Becoming comfortable with uncertainty
  • Celebrating the joy of ‘not knowing’
  • Getting on with the business of life


The Inner Science of Self-realization


This set of teachings is meant for those who are just starting out and have no idea what nonduality is or is about.  It’s a very simple overview of the awakening process.  This beginner’s teaching series includes:

  • The inner science of self-realization
  • The nature and cause of suffering 
  • Simplifying and clarifying the path
  • A continuum of conscious awareness
  • Moving through the five stages 
  • Going beyond the continuum
  • Getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’


Walking the Infinite Last Mile


This set of teachings is meant for those who are finally ready to leave nonduality behind and engage in the world again as awakened love.  These master teachings include:

  • Walking the infinite last mile
  • It is always and only “THIS”
  • Coming down from the mountaintop 
  • Allowing yourself to be fully human
  • Living a completely ordinary life 
  • Doing your part in the world 
  • Sharing the truth with ‘others’


Playing the Teachers Game


This set of teachings is meant for those who feel drawn to the path of teaching and would like to learn more about teaching, or receive mentoring as a teacher.  This teaching series includes:

  • Playing the teachers game 
  • Honoring the call to help others 
  • Understanding the teaching role
  • Clarifying what you want to say
  • Offering teachings and guidance 
  • Dealing with practical matters 
  • Always remaining the student 


The Healing Power of Awareness


This set of teachings is meant for those who are coaches and therapists interested in the exploration and application of nondual wisdom in a clinical setting. This clinician series includes:

  • The healing power of awareness
  • Awakening your own inner healer
  • Theory and practice from awakeness
  • Client engagement tools and methods
  • Guiding the emergence of awareness
  • Dealing with practical matters
  • Always acknowledging the true healer


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Working with a living teacher is not like reading a book or watching a video.  The teaching is very much a process of deconstruction; a dissolving of everything that supports your belief in separation – your belief that you are separate.