About Me (Bradley Bemis)

Hello, my name is Bradley and I’m a third-year graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Walden University.  I’m also a veteran of the U.S. Military and a 30-year IT professional specializing in cybersecurity and data privacy. 

A few years ago I was struggling with some personal issues in my own life.  As a result of my anxiety, depression, and confusion, I started to study and practice the teachings of various contemplative wisdom traditions.  Over time I began to experience deep personal insights that eventually led to a profound shift in perception and cognition that fundamentally changed everything.   

Since that time, I have devoted myself to being of service to others.  First as a teacher, then as an inner presence coach, and now as a mental health counselor.   During my time with Walden, I’ve continued to expand my professional repertoire, completed all of my required coursework while maintaining a 4.0 GPA, taken additional classes for specializations in addiction treatment and in marriage/family therapy, and invested in additional training for trauma-based counseling work.  

Right now I am in the very last stage of my graduate program – meeting the field experience requirements for graduation.   This process begins with a 3-month practicum, followed by a 6-month internship.  Once I graduate, I will be continuing on to complete the Ph.D. program in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, specializing in Consciousness Studies and Contemplative Neuroscience.  It is my intention to be a lifelong student thereafter, always learning and growing.  

I am still actively working as a cybersecurity professional while completing my graduate program, and I have a family of my own which includes my partner Lisa and her 9-year old special needs son.  We live in the Winter Park area of Orlando Florida and are devoted to service work.  Lisa is even completing her own Master’s Degree in counseling – representing a bond of service that we both share and believe deeply in.  As a part of our service work, we do everything for FREE.  This includes free mental health counseling, now and in the future. 

Because my own transformative experience came about as a result of deep inner work and contemplative practice, I see great value in a clinical orientation that is integral, transpersonal, and nondual in nature.  I am especially fond of using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy alongside Motivational Interviewing to help guide others on their own inner journey of exploration.  I am well-versed in many other mindfulness and depth-based therapies though and can work to bring a unique set of tools, techniques, and methods into the therapeutic process based on who you are and what you want to work on. 

You can learn more about my background and qualifications here.  The bottom line is that I really and truly believe in being of compassionate service to others.  I know what it is to be in pain, to struggle, and to suffer.  I also know that there are ways to change how we think and perceive that can fundamentally alter our inner experience.  It all begins with that first step though – setting up some time for us to meet, online, for free. 

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*Note:  Counseling services may only be delivered in the State of Florida and only while taking part in a supervised course of study.