Series: Non-Duality for the New Age

The next Open Group Dialogue in the ‘Non-Duality for the New Age’ series is scheduled for Saturday, 14 April, at 7 PM (EST).  All sessions are hosted online through the free ‘Zoom‘ application.  Click here to learn more and sign up

For students and practitioners of New Age and New Thought systems who are still searching for something ‘more’.

“Imagine being in a place where your life feels effortless; where there is an undercurrent of joy that is always present, no matter what may be happening in you or around you.  Imagine that there is an openness and a softness in your ability to encounter life, no matter how it may present itself.  Imagine living in a way that places no demands on life, and has no resistance to life; just allowing life to do what it does.

Imagine that you are fully present, fully and completely present, within your experience of yourself and your experience of the world.  Imagine that your heart has burst open so wide, that there’s room in it for absolutely everyone and absolutely everything.  Imagine that at any moment, at any time, under any circumstance, you can bring to the forefront of your immediate experience an intimate and completely blissful feeling-sense of your own true nature; one that consumes everything in exquisite ecstasy.

Imagine that you no longer have any questions about who you are, what this is, why you’re here, or why it’s all so hard – you have no questions left at all.  Imagine that everything is so completely simple and straightforward that there’s absolutely nothing left to chase, to think, or to do.

This is my direct experience – not an imagining.  Everything that I share and teach is an invitation into this.  It’s all right here, just waiting to be discovered in you… but this is not the New Age, this is Non-Duality for the New Age.”

~From the Heart of Bradley

Series Introduction: Non-Duality for the New Age. This introductory segment is meant to outline and describe an ongoing series of talks that Bradley is doing on common new age and new thought belief systems. Looking at each one through the lens of non-duality.

Abundance: Non-Duality for the New Age.  In this video segment, Bradley talks about the New Age spiritual principle of ‘abundance’ and how it’s often approached, offering an alternative non-dual perspective on its deeper meaning.

Oneness: Non-Duality for the New Age. In this video segment, Bradley talks about the spiritual principle of ‘Oneness’ that is central to so many belief systems, and how this principle is actualized in non-dual realization.

Vibration: Non-Duality for the New Age.  In this video segment, Bradley talks about the New Age concept of ‘vibration’, or heightening our vibrational frequencies, and how it can actually limit what it attempts to offer.

Controlling Your Thoughts: Non-Duality for the New Age.  Can we really control our thoughts? In this talk Bradley examines the new age teachings on ‘controlling your thoughts’, and offers a few different perspectives that draw us into a deeper nondual understanding.

Future Segments (add your own suggestions in the comments section below)

  • Manifestation
  • Creating Your Reality
  • Levels of Consciousness
  • Being a ‘Spiritual Being’
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Extra Dimensional Space
  • Energy and Energy Work
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Soul Mates and Twin Flames
  • Finding the Love We Seek
  • Astrology and Signs
  • Visiting with Psychics
  • Working with Empaths
  • Channeled Beings
  • Angels and Angel Readings
  • Engaging the Intuitive Self
  • Sickness and Disease
  • Death and the Afterlife
  • Speaking with the Dead
  • Seeing Our Past Lives
  • Souls and Soul Journeys
  • The Natural Laws of Karma
  • Self-Help Strategies
  • Spiritual Accessories

What Now, What Next? Non-Duality for the New Age. In this culminating talk, Bradley presents a clear appeal to come home to where we always, already are; offering a pivot into a more direct Non-Dual teaching.

Deeper Pivot Point: If you’d like to take a deeper dive into Bradley’s teachings on duality, nonduality, and beyond, please take a look at Bradley’s series on “The ‘Plane’ Truth”:

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