Individual Talks

The following videos are recorded presentations that Bradley has given on specific topics:

Meditation Instruction Update (5 April 2018) (26 min):  In this video segment, Bradley offers a meditative practice that can help us shift from the position of the mind to the position of the heart; thereby creating space within our experience of ourselves and offering us the opportunity to recognize ourselves as the unconditioned awareness of pure being.

The Infinite Last Mile (4 Apr 2018) (33 min):  In this video segment, Bradley talks about what happens after awakening, after enlightenment. With a deep emphasis on embodying our awakeness and allowing life to live itself, he brings our attention to the never-ending journey into wholeness.

Softening Our Spiritual Edges (3 Apr 2018) (32 min): In this talk, Bradley asks us to bring a sense of loving-inclusivity to all beings, no matter whether or not their beliefs accord with our own. Softening our spiritual edges allows us to move toward greater peace within ourselves and in the world – and is an aspect of realization that allows us to be more fully free as the aliveness of life.

The ‘Plane’ Truth, Part II (30 Mar 2018) (35 min): This is a continuation of the first ‘Plane’ Truth video that Bradley did, using the same presentation model to explore the nature of reality as it is. In this video, Bradley shows how emptiness, oneness, and the intelligence of the universe are interrelated aspects of the same fundamental truth.

The ‘Plane’ Truth, Part I (30 Mar 2018) (33 min): Don’t worry, it’s just a play on words. Everything is really just a play on words. In this video, Bradley offers a teaching, using a simple demonstration, to explain the perspectives of duality, nonduality, and what it means to go beyond both.

Non-Duality for the New Age (Ongoing Series): This ongoing series includes a number of talks covering a variety of common New Age and New Thought philosophies from a non-dual perspective.

Detailed Overview of Teachings (10 Dec 2017) (1 hr, 24 min): In this video, Bradley sets out to articulate the main themes that repeat themselves time and again when he is speaking… It is a detailed summary of the core truth, five key areas of practice, and a continuum of conscious awareness that captures the nature of the journey.

Three Qualities of Loves True Nature (3 Dec 2017) (37 min): In this talk, Bradley discusses the nature of love and the difference between desire and control vs. the truth of what love really is. He then goes on to describe a deeper understanding of love that is inclusive of ‘loves cleansing fire, compassionate embrace, and playful dance’.

On the Nature of Fear (25 Sep 2017) (30 min): An openhearted talk on the nature of fear and how to move with it in a manner that brings you deeper into conscious recognition of yourself as that which is.

Why I Stopped Teaching (20 July 2017) (29 min): For a while, I needed to take a break from teaching.  In this video I explain why.  In the end, there’s just nothing to say.  I have since returned to sharing my insights, but the points made here still remain true.

Weekly 8: The Art of Surrender (31 May 2017) (30 min): In this weekly talk Bradley covers surrender, and then goes into a deeper description of active vs. passive surrender and navigating the field of surrender.

Weekly 7: Speaking Past the Ego (21 May 2017) (35 min): In this weekly talk, Bradley explains the how the ego state can misinterpret non-dual teachings and claim them conceptually, and the kind of work that must go into speaking past the ego and guiding us into the deepest part of ourselves.

Weekly 6: Undifferentiated Awareness (8 May 2017) (30 min): In this weekly installment, Bradley goes into the nature of the conditioned mind, the tendency of the mind to differentiate between objects, and what it means to to stand in undifferentiated awareness.

Weekly 5: The Variety of Conscious Expression (1 May 2017) (30 min): In this weekly installment, Bradley talks about the material world, the world of energy and spirit, and the world of consciousness from which everything arises.

Weekly 4: Who is the Doer? (24 April 2017) (30 min): In this weekly installment, Bradley works to answer the question ‘who is the doer’ by explaining some of the deepest and most profound aspects of what enlightenment ultimately reveals.

Weekly 3: The Paradox of Being and Doing (17 April 2017) (30 min): In this weekly installment, Bradley talks a bit about the nature of the seekers paradox, is it ‘just be’? or is there ‘something I can do’? And how we can hold both from the inclusive perspective that ‘all doing is contained in being’.

Weekly 2: Being Who You Are (10 April 2017) (30 min): In this weekly installment Bradley speaks a bit about the importance of honoring our own journeys by being fully in our own experience, without seeking outside permission to be who we are, or living our lives vicariously though others.

Weekly 1: The Struggle to Control (3 April 2017) (30 min): In this talk, Bradley looks at the nature of the suffering that arises as we struggle against the current of our lives, and how our illusion of a self, on a spiritual journey to ‘arrive’, can perpetuate the very struggle that we are hoping to overcome.

Older Videos that are going to be updated as part of the new weekly series:

What is a True Spiritual Awakening (13 Dec 2015) (31 min): Bradley talks about the nature of a true spiritual awakening vs. a mystical or divine experience, how it leads to enlightenment, and what the journey is all about.

Moving Beyond the Confusion of the Conditioned Mind (28 Nov 2015) (17 min): Bradley talks about the confusion of the conditioned mind and how to create spaciousness within the mind until one is able to move beyond the mind.

In addition to his more recent recordings, here is an early selection of youtube videos that were filmed after Bradley sold his possessions, became homeless, and was freely teaching the secrets of enlightenment on the streets of Seattle:

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