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The following links to Bradley’s Youtube Video Library are from public talks that he has given in a variety of settings:

(For a period of time we stopped doing video recordings, but you can find audio presentations for those sessions on our ‘Listen | Group Presentations’ page.)

Moving Through the ‘I’ of Awakening (Satsang 1) (13 May 2018) (2 hrs, 8 min).  In this public talk, Bradley goes into a great deal of depth about the nature of Self-realization and nonduality, offering a direct pointing at what is more deeply true than the conceptual workings of the mind.

The Dance of Fear and Surrender (SiT 45) (3 June 2017) (1hr, 46 min).  In the final talk of this series, Bradley discusses how our fears become our path to awakening and how they can be dissolved in the awareness of our being and in the trust that we have in our own direct experience of life’s unfolding.  Going one step further he describes how to bring loving surrender into the space of our experience; allowing and accepting what is here, now, in this moment, letting go more deeply with each new aspect of our understanding.

Being Wary of Our Traps (SiT 44) (27 May 2017) (1hr, 45 min).  In this talk Bradley goes into detail, at ever-increasing levels of subtlety, on the nature of our ‘traps’ – the various places that we may find ourselves ‘stuck’ along the way towards our own enlightenment.  He begins by explaining what traps are and how we can move through them, but then re-frames the entire conversation by pointing out that, in Truth, there are no traps; and that it is the search for enlightenment itself that is both the ultimate trap and the final doorway to freedom.

Paying Attention to Synchronicity (SiT 43) (20 May 2017) (1hr, 54 min).  In this talk Bradley continues his series with an in-depth look at the nature of synchronicity, what it has to teach us at various stages of the journey, and how it can begin to reveal an underlying perfection that is ever-present in all things, as they are.  He also discusses the potential pitfalls of synchronicity and our tendency to want clarity and direction at every step of the way – all of which must be dismissed as we learn to let go and move with the current of life.

Facing and Letting Go of Our Pain (SiT 42) (13 May 2017) (2hrs, 18 min). In this talk Bradley goes into detail about our pain and how to let go of it.  Letting go of our pain is about clearing our mind of conditioning.  It’s about letting go, one layer at a time, of our conception of self, born of the pain we’ve experienced.  It’s about facing the things that we are hiding from ourselves; that we’ve been either unwilling or unable to face in some meaningful way. It’s not something that we do all at once, but something that we do a bit at a time, when we are ready.

Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation (SiT 41) (6 May 2017) (2hrs, 6 min). In this talk Bradley dives into a series of mindfulness and meditation practices that are each geared towards a specific purpose. These include mindfulness meditation, contemplative meditation, absorptive meditation, heart-centered meditation, and several more; with the central theme of ‘paying attention to your life’ as the highest form of meditation available – the one that ultimately collapses all of our illusory notions about who and what we are.

Loving Yourself, Trusting Yourself, and Honoring Your Own Journey (SiT 40) (29 April 2017) (1hr, 3 min).  In one of the most important talks Bradley offers in his core Sitting in Truth series, he covers three parts of a greater whole that all amount to the same thing. In brief, we must learn to love ourselves in order to realize the truth of who and what we are. We must learn to trust ourselves in order to leave behind our fear, uncertainty, and doubt. We must honor our own journey because others, still wrapped up in their own confusion, will tell us that we are wrong – about everything.

Tilting Ourselves in the Direction of Awakening (SiT 39) (22 April 2017) (1 hr, 24 min).  In this talk, Bradley steps through some of the most crucial questions that one can ask on the spiritual journey:  What happens when we begin to see through our conditioned patterns of thought? What happens when we begin to examine our conceptual notion of ‘self’?  What happens when we go beyond the mind; and can see through the illusion of separation?  What does it mean to ‘awaken’?

Older talks:

Coming to Terms with Our Humanity (SiT Session 17) (1hr, 38 min).  This session was an extemporaneous examination of our humanity – and where the spiritual journey takes us as we begin to understand the nature of the mind, the nature of reality, the nature of our divinity, and the nature of our humanity.

Navigating the Spiritual Landscape (SiT Session 16) (1hr, 39 min).  There are nearly 7.4 billion people in this world, and so, therefor there are nearly 7.4 billion journeys.  Each and every journey is uniquely our own.  And yet no matter what steps we take, how we arrive at them, or the order of their appearance, we are all climbing the same mountaintop – our very experience of life guiding us forward.  In this sessions we will talk about seeing what each moment of life is offering us and how to use it all as we work to set ourselves free.

Suffering as Our Greatest Teacher (SiT Session 15) (1hr, 28 min). As human beings, we have a significant tendency to incline ourselves in the direction of pleasure, while trying to deny, avoid, or escape anything that might bring us pain.   And yet, it is often our pain and suffering that most directly forces us to confront the illusory nature of the conceptual self and surrender to the truth of our being.  In this session we will dive deeply into the reason for our suffering, what it is meant to teach us, and how to find ourselves free from it.

Into the Depths of Addiction (SiT Session 14) (1hr, 38 min). When we think of ‘addictions’, we generally tend to associate our understanding of the term with things like alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, etc.  Our ultimate addiction though, is our addiction to the conceptual self – the illusory egoic entity within which we find ourselves trapped.  In this session we talk about the nature of addiction at every level; including the insecurity, longing, and emptiness that we are trying to cover over; the variety of methods we use to do so; and how to free ourselves from them.

Stripping It All Away (SiT Session 13) (1hr, 35 min).  Most spiritual pursuit tends to be in the direction of ‘something’ – but realizing the truth of who and what we are is not a direction, nor is it something that can be pursued.  What we are is beyond anything that can be expressed using words, concepts, or ideas.  The deepest truth of our nature can only be realized, experientially, when all that is untrue has been stripped away.  In this session we discuss the neti-neti, or “not this, not that” approach to inner exploration that shows us how.

Loving What Is (SiT Session 12) (1hr, 25 min). Caught up in the confusion of the conditioned mind, most of us live in resistance to the way things are, wishing them to be otherwise – this is the cause of our suffering.  Over time, we may become aware that acceptance of things as they are allows for a more peaceful state of being; however, inherent within acceptance remains the seed of resistance.  In this session we look at how loving what is allows for a deeper and more complete experience of reality – one that leads us towards true freedom (11 May 2016).

Relationship as a Spiritual Practice (SiT Session 11) (4 May 2016) (1hr, 30 min).  In this session we look deeply into the continuum of relationship dynamics – focusing primarily on our relationship with “self” and on our romantic relationships; dedicating additional time to discussing relationships with family, friends, and the world as it appears “out there”.  Within the framework of these topics we also emphasize the true nature of love being best expressed as “acceptance of what is” – and letting everyone be as they are; including we ourselves.

Understanding the Nature of God (SiT Session 10) (27 April 2016) (1hr, 26 min).  When we use the term “God”, what we are really doing is referring to a conceptual notion – a notion born of our conditioned relationship with the label being applied.  Whether we call it God, Universe, Consciousness, or anything else for that matter, we are using a pointer to a divine mystery that is beyond all such concepts.  In this session we dig deeply into the nature of this mystery and how it applies to our experience of life.

Dying the Undying Death (SiT Session 9) (20 April 2016) (1hr, 28 min).  In this session we take a close look at the nature of death and dying, both as an egoic entity, and as a body.  This includes the nature of the ego, the dissolution of the egoic self, and dying the ego death; and how this process of dying inward frees us to live fully.  We also talk about sickness and death in terms of the ones we love, and how to use the experience of loss to facilitate our process of loving and letting go.

Being Wary of Our Spiritual Traps (SiT Session 7) (6 April 2016) (1hr, 11min): In this session we focus on recognizing the nature and presence of spiritual traps, how these traps arise along the way, how to move through them, and more. Ultimately, we will reach into a place where we understand that everything is a trap – and that it’s all meant to fail us into ourselves, which is the final refuge of truth and the only place where we can finally come to rest.

The Journey Home (3 April 2016) (1hr, 15 min): For those of us who have experienced any sort of true awakening, or even a glimpse of the Truth, we know the nature of our Oneness and unity; but to what extent do we understand that if there is only The One, then who exactly are we, the many?  Or does the final spiritual journey take us to a place where we understand the illusory nature of our own existence, the emptiness of form – in both body and mind, and the presence of being that underlies it all?

Understanding the Nature of Synchronicity (SiT Session 6) (30 March 2016) (1hr, 23 min). In this session we focus on what synchronicity is, and how it serves as a mode of communication between divine consciousness and our own experience of consciousness, breaking down the illusory walls that separate and divide the inner from the outer and the outer from the inner.   We also talk about how it reveals the hidden perfection of things as they are, and more.

Coming Into Stillness and Silence (SiT Session 5) (23March 2016) (1:45:00): In this session Bradley steps into the nature of emptiness, stillness, and silence – and how to cultivate these characteristics within ones own experience of being.  This includes how to be to stay grounded a midst the chaos of daily life, how to listen to your inner intuitive voice, and how quieting the mind ultimately lends itself to dissolution of the egoic concept of self.

Facing and Letting Go of Our Pain (SiT Session 4) (9 March 2016) (2:14:38): This session dives deeply into the nature of memory and how the mind has a tendency to hold onto difficult or painful memories; which shapes us in the direction of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The main focus is on learning to face and let go of this pain.

Into and Beyond Enlightenment (17 Jan 2016) (1hr, 28 min): Bradley goes in-depth on non-dual reality, the path of self-realization, and experiencing our full presence of being.

The Promise, Process, and Pitfalls of Obtaining Spiritual Enlightenment (22 Nov 2015) (1hr, 22min): Bradley’s first public talk, given at The New Way POD in Cocoa Florida.

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