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One of the most interesting dynamics of the awakening process is the position of the mind as it begins to clarify itself.  There is an old Buddhist saying “first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, and then there is a mountain again”.  The approach used to deliver spiritual teachings within The Inner Science of Self-Realization, takes this paradigm into account and offers models, structures, and language that is consistent with the needs of the mind as it continues to penetrate through the various stages of awakening.

There are four specific training tracks being made available through this program, with a possible ‘nondual coaching’ track being added in 2020.

101 Series: Tilting in the Direction of Awakening (learn more…)

This series of teachings is primarily meant for those in the seeking stage of their journey; those who are struggling with their daily lives, looking for answers, or ready to try something new.  If you already have a particular religious or spiritual predisposition, the structure and content of this series includes common principles and practices that may aid in you on your own path.  It contains seven modules (an introduction, 5 core modules, and a final closing):

  • Module 1: Tilting in the Direction of Awakening (Intro)
  • Module 2: Loving Yourself, Trusting Yourself, and Honoring Your Own Journey (Core)
  • Module 3: Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation (Core)
  • Module 4: Facing and Letting Go of Your Pain (Core)
  • Module 5: Paying Attention to Synchronicity (Core)
  • Module 6: Being Wary of Your Traps (Core)
  • Module 7: The Dance of Fear and Surrender (Closing)

Suggested Service Offerings: Wisdom Sessions, Awakening Sessions, Community Sessions

102 Series: Moving Through the ‘I’ of Awakening

This series of teachings is primarily meant for those who are beginning to awaken, or who have gotten stuck in their awakening process.  It is appropriate for anyone who has glimpsed the illusion of ‘self’, had a profound opening experience, or come into a direct experience of themselves as unconditioned awareness.  Many of the teachings will be of little use or even make sense to someone who has not had an immediate and intimate experience of ego dissolution, falling away, or emptiness.

Suggested Service Offerings: Awakening Sessions, Deepening Sessions, Community Sessions

103 Series: Relaxing Into the Embodiment of Awakening

This series of teachings is primarily meant for those in the deepening stages of their awakening experience, or those who find themselves asking the question ‘when will I be done?’  It is appropriate for anyone who has been cycling through their awakening process for a long period of time, may be trapped in the absolute perspective, or lost interest in life as a result of the awakening experience.  This series is not recommended for beginners, as it will create more confusion for the mind.

Suggested Service Offerings: Deepening Sessions, Periodic Support Sessions, Community Sessions

The Infinite Last Mile

This series of teachings is primarily meant for those who feel they need one last push to walk their own path, those who wish to become teachers in their own right, or those who are already offering teachings and services within the non-dual spiritual community.  It is a simple reflection and shared accounting among those who have personally experienced an impersonal truth; consuming everything but itself.  Access to these materials is usually provided by special request or invitation only.

Suggested Service Offerings: Periodic Support Sessions

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