The Inner Science of Self-Realization

The Inner Science of Self-Realization: | Intro | Continuum | Teaching Series | Service Offerings |

The Inner Science of Self Realization is a structured approach to understanding the spiritual awakening process in a direct, experiential manner.  It meets you where you are, invites you to investigate your experience with absolute sincerity, and allows you to see, for yourself: You are already that which you seek!  This realization, when drawn in completely, yields the peace and joy of liberation that is promised by sages, mystics, and all those who have ever touched it.

This approach consists of three interwoven elements:

  • A Continuum of Conscious Awareness: A fluid model for explaining the movement of consciousness through five distinct stages, until we arrive at our own direct experience of ‘the infinite last mile’. (learn more…)

  • Teaching Series: A series of targeted teachings that are meant to align with a particular range of stages along the continuum.  For instance, the 101 series ‘Tilting in the Direction of Awakening’ is most appropriate for those who are in the sleeping, seeking, or early awakening stages. (learn more…)

  • Service Offerings: A collection of personalized session offerings that are aligned with the continuum of concious awareness.  Each type of encounter represents an opportunity to work with a living teacher who can help guide the awakening process through each of the awakening stages. (learn more…)

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