Surrendering Into Purpose

What is your life really about?
What inspires you and brings you joy?
What is the highest calling of your heart?

Sit silently and look deeply.
Do you have your answer?

Now let me ask you. How much of your life is devoted to living, sharing, and speaking from this place? Does your life reflect a commitment to this calling?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then wonderful. If it’s ‘maybe’ or ‘sort of’ or ‘I’m not sure’, then perhaps it’s time to do some realignment work. If the answer is ‘no’ then let’s investigate ‘why?’

What mental construct, limiting thought, or emotional difficulty is keeping you from reaching out, toward your dream, with love, wisdom, and joy? Are you being practical and realistic in your approach? Are you willing to surrender into your calling rather than trying to control it?

Many of us have an image of who we want to be or how we want to live, but we don’t really understand how to ‘arrive’ at it. This is partly because we think we know what our path should look like, or will look like, so that path becomes ‘fixed’, in our minds, rather than remaining fluid and flexible in our hearts.

Because the path is ‘fixed’, we spend more time convincing ourselves of the impossibilities rather than seeing the infinite potentiality that’s lying dormant within the very essence of our being. If we can shift from the position of mind, to the position of ‘Being’, everything becomes possible.

But we really and truly do have to surrender our fixed positionality first. In fact, the more deep and profound our surrender to life becomes, the clearer our calling becomes as well. Within the emergence of this clarity, all of our questions are answered, all of our fears drop away, and all of our limitations disappear.

From this place, life may not look the way we thought it would, or the way we think it should. But there is a quality of authenticity to it that is undeniable. When we are living from this authenticity, everything in our lives begins to align with whatever is central to the calling of our heart, even if that calling shifts and changes, becoming something new; something more vibrant and alive.

This is the true power of surrender – of gently relinquishing our demands on life, on our need to be in control; allowing life to live us as it will – with kindness, compassion, and love. And if we’ve managed to come this far, isn’t this what life is really about? Isn’t this what inspires you and brings you joy? Isn’t this the highest calling of your heart? To live an authentic life that reflects kindness, compassion, and love in all that you do?

It’s so very simple when seen from this position, isn’t it? So why not get started right here, right now, standing in the eternal dawn of your own brightly shining love.

Be well and at peace my friends…

~From the Heart of Bradley

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