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6 hours ago

Bradley Bemis

When I sit in on the teachings of others, and find a structure in place, there is usually a great deal of confusion coming from those in attendance. Not really of course - because no one is ever confused, but the appearance of confusion arises.

Let us note that all structures have as much potential to get in the way as they do to lead someone toward their own inherent freedom, which is why I do not use them - preferring an unstructured approach that is alive to the needs of the moment.

There is also the possibility that a structured approach can become rigid in the hands of one who is still working from a conditioned view of life. Meaning that if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Whatever the tool, one size does not fit all!

Finally, with a structured approach it is very easy for someone to become identified with the approach - mistaking the path for the destination. Here we have the unfortunate potential to create purists who’s dedication to the path obscures it’s intended purpose.

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with structures - but it’s important, as a teacher or a student, to understand the potential perils and pitfalls of structured approaches; and to acknowledge the unstructured nature of what *THIS* *IS*.


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