Standing in the Heart of Being

Many people ask questions about how I live my own life – because they want to actually know, to understand… To be able to grab the seed of it.

It’s quite simple – I truly practice everything I speak on, this is my true expression of life.

I have learned to surrender completely to the intimacy of each moment – regardless of its content, and dwell deeply in a place of heart-based nonjudgmental awareness. I practice a form of mindfulness that is best expressed as an ongoing experience of heart-breath awareness.

This place is deep, loving, compassionate, and patient beyond measure. It receives ‘me’ before any other – squaring away something that is untouchable by any outer influence. It is I, before I becomes ‘I’. It is the inclusive ME that has no exclusive me. I rest within it, and it lives through me – and I need not understand much more.

There is something always impenetrable beyond the edges of ‘this’ or ‘that’ – still held in the remnant of what was. Which, when recognized, is always the moment the light sees itself, and cancels itself out. In that moment ‘I’ drops back away into a non-referential spaciousness that rests just beneath the use of words, concepts, and ideas; models and notions.

I question very little – even when I appear to be questioning. I see great beauty in the nature of all questions, and the questioner; the one always trying to understand. From this place I just lean back and surrender into the flow of what ‘is’. I watch it all. When I watch myself begin to run off a cliff – I am aware that I am running off of a cliff; but in my acceptance of all things as they are, I will run off the cliff, if that is indeed the direction of things. And I will do so with a joyous heart.

What I am has very little to do with the body, or the mind, and so it is free to experience what it must experience while it does its work. Within the framework of my bound mind, I strive, sincerely and in full earnestness, to live a life of wisdom, patience, and compassion – a chorus that I draw deeply from, in all that I find myself engaged in. I see my whole life as a learning ground, paying careful attention to each scrape and bruise; but not giving them up to past, future, or even meaning. Just being with them as they arise, and watching them go when they depart. Seeing how they unfold into the next story.

Nothing is what it appears to be – and this becomes a blatantly obvious curiosity within the experience of being. The mind is a great trickster with many beautiful lessons to teach. The heart is something beyond ‘beyond’. At some point the mind becomes a shadow of the heart – and then the two encircle one another in an endless void; emerging in silence, stillness, and quiet; empty of self, but filled with the presence of being – the holy spirit – or whatever term you choose to color it with. There is no need to give it a name or a dimension – because that my dears is the joke.

Amidst all of this inner beauty, is an even larger recognition of, and heartfelt appreciation for, each and every beautiful unfolding moment, from one moment, into the next. I find that the whole universe is embracing me with every moment I surrender into, and leveraging my willingness – or the lovely appearance of willingness, as an example of itself in operation. This I cannot explain in much more detail – there is a line that cannot be crossed in words. One must experience what we all speak and write on, before one can truly understand it. And even then…

So, ‘my’ awakening ‘experience’, and subsequent ‘deepening’, has left me profoundly altered in these ways – and far more. It isn’t in words my friends – it’s not here. It’s right there, in you, reading this… Enjoy…

If none of this makes any sense to you – then that’s fine too… Enjoy 😉

I love You, Namaste, God bless, and take care…


Awakening Into Life

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