Sitting in Truth with Bradley: Session 45

The Dance of Fear and Surrender

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For the entirety of our lives, we’ve been led to believe that our conditioned perception of reality is indeed real – that we are who we ‘think’ we are. But the pathless path of Self-realization reveals, through our own direct experience, that this is not the case. When we encounter this realization within ourselves, we often become gripped by fear – fear of the unknown. Fear of the Truth. Fear of death – the death of the illusory mind-made self. But if the idea of ‘self’ is just an illusion, then what exactly dies – and why are we so afraid? As we learn to surrender beyond our fears and allow life’s perfection to move us in its own direction, we are greeted by something so profound and loving that it is beyond the minds ability to comprehend.  Indeed, when we learn to fall through our fears, Love is always catching us on the other side.  Love is all there is – and it is Love itself that we are surrendering into.


When: Saturday, 3 June 2017 @ 7PM

Where: The CommUnity Center 729 @ 729 Thornton Ave. in Orlando Florida.

Registration: Not required, but can be done via this Meetup group.

Cost: Free, but donations are accepted and appreciated.

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