Sitting in Truth with Bradley: Session 44

Being Wary of Our Traps

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A trap is anything that locks us into a particular pattern of thinking or leaves us ‘stuck’ in a particular state of mind. Indeed, the most challenging part of the entire spiritual journey is keeping ourselves moving in a forward direction without getting lost somewhere along the way.  Most traps are cleverly concealed by the mind as new conceptual overlays or more subtle modes of identification with thought. But as we move through our traps we may also begin to understand that there are no traps – and that everything we encounter on the road of life is meant to teach us something about who and we what are.  Digging deeper and deeper into the appearance of this paradox, we come to realize that it is the search for ‘enlightenment’ itself that is both the ultimate trap and the final doorway to a freedom beyond ‘freedom’.


When: Saturday, 27 May 2017 @ 7PM

Where: The CommUnity Center 729 @ 729 Thornton Ave. in Orlando Florida.

Registration: Not required, but can be done via this Meetup group.

Cost: Free, but donations are accepted and appreciated.

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Assigned Homework:

Take some time this week to consider the tools, techniques and methods that you have learned to find comfort and
safety in – those practices that may have once offered you deep transformational experiences. Ask yourself, at a deeply personal level, whether or not there is a sense of identification with these methods that may be hindering a forward movement in your own journey. So much of our spiritual work is meant to ‘perfect’ the self – or to ‘improve’ our lives. Is this really where our value is, or is there something more beautiful and potentially meaningful available to us as we begin to accept ourselves as we are and surrender into everything that our lives are offering us? Is there anything new that you can invite in that might help you shift out of your old paradigms and into that which is without paradigm?

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