Sitting in Truth with Bradley: Session 43

Paying Attention to Synchronicity

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As we begin to slow down and pay close attention to our lives, we may start to notice that there are an inexplicable number of coincidences playing out all around us.  As we investigate further, we may begin to see a pattern that simply can’t be explained away – it can’t be coincidence.  Psychologist and mystic Carl Jung coined the term ‘synchronicity’ to explain these phenomena; seemingly disconnected events that point to a deeper relationship between ourselves and the world that we are experiencing.  Taken one step further, the presence of these synchronicities reveals an intelligence beyond our own at work, and exposes an underlying perfection that is an ever-present aspect of our reality.  Indeed, synchronicity, in the end, proves itself to be you, as the universe, teaching yourself about yourself.


When: Saturday, 20 May 2017 @ 7PM

Where: The CommUnity Center 729 @ 729 Thornton Ave. in Orlando Florida.

Registration: Not required, but can be done via this Meetup group.

Cost: Free, but donations are accepted and appreciated.

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Assigned Homework:

Take some time this week to slow things down and pay close attention to the events that are happening in your life.  As you read, listen to music, watch TV, talk to people, or anything else for that matter, are you noticing that the universe is speaking to you through your experience?  Begin to take note of each synchronous moment that you encounter and reflect on all of the conditions necessary to bring that moment about.  Can you allow your mind to open to the possibility that this is the universe showing you that there is an underlying perfection to the way of things that you can trust in and even surrender to?  Can you entertain the possibility that this perfection is already at work in you?

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