Sitting in Truth with Bradley: Session 42

Facing and Letting Go of Our Pain

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Letting go of our pain is about clearing our mind of conditioning.  It’s about letting go, one layer at a time, of our conception of self, born of the pain we’ve experienced.  It’s about facing the things that we are hiding from ourselves; that we’ve been either unwilling or unable to face in some meaningful way.   Here too, just like in our discussion on learning to love and trust ourselves, we must engage in radical self-honesty, radical self-acceptance, and radical personal forgiveness.  We need to honestly explore the content of our lives, accept our part in how we’ve chosen to live, and forgive both ourselves and those who contributed to the things that haunt us.  It’s not something that we do all at once, but something that we do a bit at a time, when we are ready.


When: Saturday, 13 May 2017 @ 7PM

Where: The CommUnity Center 729 @ 729 Thornton Ave. in Orlando Florida.

Registration: Not required, but can be done via this Meetup group.

Cost: Free, but donations are accepted and appreciated.

Intro Video:

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Assigned Homework:

Take some time this week to examine your relationship with the past and how it influences your day to day choices in life.  Do you find yourself constrained and contracted, or open and free?  Are you working within yourself to protect yourself from the kind of pain and suffering that you have endured in the past, or have you learned to accept everything as it comes and allow yourself to be fully immersed in your experience of life?  Now look more closely and see if your choices reflect this, or if there is still something holding you back.

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