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This series has been canceled until further notice. 

“Sitting in Truth” with Bradley

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Hosted at “CommUnity Center 729” in Orlando Florida, every Saturday night at 7pm, “Sitting in Truth” is an ongoing series of weekly spiritual dialogues offered “from the Heart of Bradley”, a deeply conscious Florida-based author, speaker and guide who freely shares his deepening insights into the nature of non-dual reality and learning to find balance within it.  These sessions are very much like Satsang or Sangha gatherings meant to serve as a ‘spiritual community of wise friends‘ – a common feature of many eastern spiritual traditions.

New: Your can download, print, and distribute our new 1-page, fold-over, .pdf pamphlet.  It’s formatted for two-sided printing (flip on short edge).

Upcoming Sessions

All topics are subject to change and should be considered as ‘intentions to guide the discussions in a particular direction’.  However, these are dynamic, living sessions, where Bradley begins with a brief talk to set the tone, then opens the floor to questions and answers. Sometimes we cover a lot of ground that may be unrelated to the central topic, but still addresses the needs of those who have come to attend.

Planned Topics (Q2 2017) [Download .pdf Flyer]

Planned Topics (Q3 2017) [Draft]

  • 1 July 2017: Into the Heart of Being
  • 8 July 2017: The Abundance of the Self
  • 15 July 2017: Relationship as a Spiritual Practice
  • 22 July 2017: The Cycle of Birth, Aging, and Death
  • 29 July 2017: Suffering and Silence as Our Teachers
  • 5 August 2017: What the World is Really Offering Us
  • 12 August 2017: The Pursuit of Happiness or Truth
  • 19 August 2017: Misperceiving the Nature of Reality
  • 26 August 2017: Challenging Everything We Believe
  • 2 September 2017: The Many Names and Faces of God
  • 9 September 2017: Dissolving Into the Great Sea of Love
  • 16 September 2017: Balancing Emptiness and Presence
  • 23 September 2017: The Intimacy of Every Experience
  • 30 September 2017: Learning to Play in Our Freedom

Registration: Registration is not required – but we do use Meetup.com to schedule and manage these events.

Cost: Free, but donations are accepted and appreciated.

What to Expect

One might say that expectations are like a leash that prevents us from experiencing true freedom.  That said, many people, especially those who are nervous about joining in such a discussion for the first time, may benefit from knowing a bit more about what they are stepping into.

The group typically ranges in size from 4 to 8 people – and may grow over time.  There is no expectation with regard to who comes, how many come, why they come, etc.  It is clearly understood by both Bradley, and by most of those in attendance, that all things are always as they should be – and so, whoever is there, is meant to be there, each and every time.  All we ask is that folks be respectful of each other.

Bradley himself is usually preparing the space or meditating while others engage in small-talk before the session begins.  Because of the ways he understands the world, he has no expectations, judgements, or opinions with regard to anyone’s participation or involvement with the group.  Despite the fact that he is the one doing most of the talking, he considers himself the student, always.

The scheduled start time is 7pm, but usually actually begins between 7:05 and 7:10.  The session begins with a short introduction, followed by basic instruction in the ‘Heart Breath’ meditation technique and about 5-10 minutes of guided meditation.  Bradley then begins what he jokingly refers to as ‘a rambling stream of conscious expression’.  This is usually a 20-30 minute talk tied to the main theme of the evening, where he just dives into the deep end of the pool, reminding everyone of why we are really here, and how the theme relates to realizing the truth of our own nature.

After that, the real fun begins – with people asking questions about their own relationship with what has been offered.  Bradley usually attempts to respond to all questions from three directions – how it relates to the experience of being a person, how it can be viewed from the position of the absolute, and how to bring the two views together in a balanced, practical, pragmatic manner that each person can play with for themselves.

Sometimes there may be offerings made by others in the group, and depending on the depth of understanding from which they are presented, Bradley may leave them alone, or offer alternative viewpoints or ways in which the offering might be looked at more deeply.  There is no effort to argue with people – or defend any particular point of view.  It is simply Bradley’s contention that true understanding be achieved whenever and wherever possible.  As Bradley likes to remind everyone “Whatever is true for you, in this moment, is your truth.  Just know that all such truth is relative until the seeker of truth dissolves into Truth itself “.

From time to time, the nature of the discussion may not meet with the expectations of those in attendance; either because the subject matter feels foreign to someone, the depth is not adequate to their liking, or they have their own views that they would prefer to hold onto.  No effort is made to correct any of this – Bradley is not here to make promises or to satisfy anyone’s egoic needs. If you find yourself in opposition or resistance to what he is saying, or are unhappy with the content of the session for whatever reason, it is suggested that you look inside yourself to ask who it is that is reacting in such a way – or speak with Bradley afterwards to share your concerns.

Overall, the goal is to provide a safe setting for people to explore their own experience of being, to relate with themselves and others, to share and grow, and to let go of the conceptual models that keeps us separated from the truth of our own being.  The soul is soothed and comforted in the presence of grace, while the the ego is forced to see itself as the shadow that it really is.  It can be powerful, insightful, challenging, and freeing all at once; which is, of course, what it’s all about.

If you have questions, feel free to engage Bradley via the Meetup.com website or through Facebook.

Common Q&A

Can I bring my children?  We allow mature teens with a sincere interest in spiritual matters to attend, but at this time we are unable to accommodate younger children.  Please note that Bradley is prone to the use of explicit language from time to time in order to make important points and for the purpose of adding humor to the presentation – this language may not be appropriate for younger children.

Can I bring my pet?  We would ask that you not bring pets.  Some people may be allergic or have other issues or challenges regarding pets.

Offer Your Support

Bradley believes that all spiritual teachings should be freely given.  They are not his to sell, they are yours to realize. He has his own source of income and is, in essence, a lay teacher; a ‘householder’.  The space we use does have a cost though.  If you wish to help defer these and other related costs, please make your offering at the end of the session – in the basket provided; or visit www.awakeningintolife.com/donate.

Thank you so very much for your generous support.


  1. Awsome explanation of the primary purpose, all encompassing and even answered questions raised within me about some thought’s leading to feelings about last session. I knew the answer but needed comfirmation, thank you Brad. Will be calling you for individual talk as you suggested. Thank you for enhancing my understanding of my own path towards awakening from the dilusion.

  2. My husband and I would like to attend this Wednesday the 24th meeting. Bob and Leslie Bishop. Please confirm if you are meeting.
    Thank you
    Leslie Bishop

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