Series Introduction: Non-Duality for the New Age

Bradley is hosting a new special series of talks called ‘Non-Duality for the New Age‘.

This introductory segment is meant to outline and describe an ongoing series of talks that Bradley is doing on common New Age and New Thought belief systems. Looking at each one through the lens of non-duality.

In this video he talks about:

  • The use of language and terminology
  • A description of the ‘realized’ state of being
  • Meeting our inner resistance to nondual teachings
  • Figuring out what we really want out of life, what really matters most
  • The opportunities that are being offered for live dialogue in an online setting
  • A more thorough description, with great detail, of what it is to live in the realized state
  • A discussion about the nature of the mind vs. living from the position of the heart
  • The pure simplicity of what realization reveals
  • Suffering and our efforts to escape suffering
  • The temporal nature of ‘happiness’
  • Joy, equanimity, and abiding peace
  • Awareness as the ground of being
  • Doing what really works
  • Establishing yourself in abiding presence
  • Asking questions and getting answers
  • Seeing for yourself
  • Staying focused
  • Acknowledging our desperation
  • The tendency to perpetuate our suffering
  • Joining together in sincere exploration

Watch more videos in this series and learn about our upcoming group dialogue session by visiting:

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