On Seeing Oneness

How can I see that I am one with everything?

Let me be quite clear on this point. One does not come to a resting place where one says ‘I am one with everything’. This kind of conceptualization is of the mind and does not lead to liberation.

The language used presupposes that ‘I’ and ‘everything’ are somehow distinct to begin with, and that this ‘I’ will recognize itself as ‘the one’ – as the central object around which everything else orbits.

It is the mind, using itself to project itself upon all of existence and to claim all of existence as its own; as itself. This is why terms like ‘oneness’ can entrap the spiritual seeker in an endless loop.

To understand our own essential nature, we must look beyond the mind; beyond that which gives rise to ‘I’ as separate or apart from all that is – we must recognize that which is prior to this conceptual ‘I’.

This is what is meant when the realized sage speaks of emptiness – to be empty of our conceptual notions; empty of self; empty of ‘I’. All while also reminding us not to conceptualize ‘emptiness’ either.

As we begin to see for ourselves that all objects only exist in the mind; we see that we too are objects appearing to the mind. The mind is simply recognizing everything from the position of its conditioning.

We have taken this body to be a distinct object, separate or apart from everything else. We have taken this mind to be a distinct object, separate or apart from everything else. We see only separation.

And so there is a deep longing for connection that arises in the ‘I’ mind. As a separate object, we feel ‘empty’ and seek to fill that emptiness with other objects – but these distinctions do not ‘exist’.

For oneness to be realized, directly and experientially, one must first encounter ones own emptiness. This is what it means to die the ego death. It is to dissolve the mental projection of ‘I’.

To do so takes great courage on the part of the seeker, because the seeker is encountering its own illusion and must surrender everything, sacrifice everything, that has ever been known by the mind.

Even the mind itself is swallowed up by ‘not knowing’; losing the quality of distinction. Absolutely everything disappears into a vast, silent emptiness that can no longer be conceptualized.

This is because one has seen through the nature of object-consciousness; behind the curtain of appearances. While the mind may continue to espouse separation, the mind is no longer believed in as true.

Here, in this place, there is no ‘I’ to be found, no ‘oneness’ to be realized, no ‘emptiness’ to be pursued; for these are all just concepts born of the mind, enticing it with ‘freedom’ – which is another concept.

So, how do you see that all is one? ‘You’ do not. Oneness sees itself… empty and free. What can ‘you’ do then, but relax, let go, and allow for all to be as it is. This is love’s true nature and highest expression.


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