These Five Things

tft_coverBradley’s second book “These Five Things” is now available as a free draft. You can download a free copy in .pdf format by clicking on the image.

These Five Things.

“Introduction.  The vast majority of this book was written about six months into my own experience of awakening.  It has now been two years.  At that time, I had just sold almost everything I owned, and taken up the life of a homeless ascetic, living on the streets of Seattle.  I would sit at coffee shops in the morning and evening, typing – and it took about a week to write.  My view of things was very different back then – I was still learning the fundamentals.  I have decided to limit my edits to this manuscript because it is a potential entryway for people who may see themselves somewhere in its pages.  But of course, it isn’t in these pages – its right there in you…

And please remember:

  •   Know mind as mind
  •   Nothing more is needed
  •   Unless you ‘think’ it is

Offered freely from the heart,


(9 Sep 2016)





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