Past Series

An Archive of Past Event Series that Bradley has Offered:  Please note that none of these are currently active.  For a list of active events, please visit

  • Weekly (Saturday Evenings @ 7pm): “Sitting in Truth“, at CommUnity Center 729 in Orlando Florida.  This is an ongoing series of free weekly group dialogues regarding the nature of non-duality, Self-realization, and the embodiment of awakening.  You can learn more here.
  • Weekly (Sunday Evenings @ 8PM[EST]: “The Deconstruction Dialogues, online via the free Zoom videoconferencing platform.  This is an ongoing series of free, weekly, on-line dialogues meant to aid in the process of radical inner examination and dissolution of our conditioned, conceptual perception of reality.  You can learn more here.
  • Weekly (Tuesday Evenings @ 7:30pm): “Enlightenment Speaks“, at the Dandelion Cafe in Orlando Florida.  A short 3 to 5 minute segment offered ‘From the Heart of Bradley’ as part of the weekly ‘Diverse Word’ series (specific time varies).  You can learn more about this event at:
  • Weekly (Varies): Bradley is also now doing an on-line ‘Weekly Talks’ series that goes into significant depth on specific spiritual topics.  You can find these talks listed on Bradley’s Watch | Individual Talks page.  We also recommend subscribing to his YouTube Channel to be alerted when the weekly upload is available.

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