Group Sessions

All group sessions have been canceled until further notice. 

Ongoing Group Sessions

  • Weekly (Saturday Evenings @ 7pm): “Sitting in Truth“, at CommUnity Center 729 in Orlando Florida.  This is an ongoing series of free weekly group dialogues regarding the nature of non-duality, Self-realization, and the embodiment of awakening.  You can learn more here.
  • Weekly (Sunday Evenings @ 8PM[EST]: “The Deconstruction Dialogues, online via the free Zoom videoconferencing platform.  This is an ongoing series of free, weekly, on-line group dialogues meant to aid in the process of radical inner examination and dissolution of our conditioned, conceptual perception of reality.  You can learn more here.
  • Weekly (Tuesday Evenings @ 7:30pm): “Enlightenment Speaks“, at the Dandelion Cafe in Orlando Florida.  A short 3 to 5 minute segment offered ‘From the Heart of Bradley’ as part of the weekly ‘Diverse Word’ series (specific time varies).  You can learn more about this event at:
  • Weekly (Varies): Bradley is also now doing an on-line ‘Weekly Talks’ series that goes into significant depth on specific spiritual topics.  You can find these talks listed on Bradley’s Watch | Individual Talks page.  We also recommend subscribing to his YouTube Channel to be alerted when the weekly upload is available.

Special Events and Talks

  • Announcement: Bradley will be returning to the Melbourne Thai Temple again, hopefully in June, to continue his monthly talks for those who had been part of the Melbourne-based ‘Sitting in Truth’ community.

Inviting Bradley to Speak

Please visit our Contact page if you’d be interested in having Bradley come and speak in a group session or at an event that you are hosting.

Please note: Bradley does not charge money for any of his offerings.  Donations are accepted and appreciated, but Bradley’s only real interest is in helping other beings see themselves more clearly.  Towards this end, please only contact Bradley if you are an ardent seeker of Truth, approaching your own inner journey with honesty, integrity, and sincerity. 



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