Group Sessions

Ongoing Group Sessions

  • Upcoming (See Link for Details): “Jnana-Yoga Instruction, a new, free offering that is meant to extend many common yogic practices by adding the ‘dimension of mind’ in a direct, practical, and pragmatic manner that emphasizes the original intent of ‘Moksha’ or ‘divine union’ that yoga sought to bestow upon the individual practitioner.  You can learn more here.

Click here to see some of the past series that Bradley has conducted.

Special Events and Talks

  • New event: Saturday, 14 April at 7PM (EST), an open, online group forum to discuss Bradley’s new ‘Non-Duality for the New Age‘ series.  Learn more and sign up here.
  • Announcement: Bradley will be returning to the Melbourne Thai Temple again, sometime later this year, to continue his monthly talks for those who had been part of the Melbourne-based ‘Sitting in Truth’ community.

Inviting Bradley to Speak

Please visit our Contact page if you’d be interested in having Bradley come and speak in a group session or at an event that you are hosting.

Please note: Bradley does not charge money for any of his offerings.  Donations are accepted and appreciated, but Bradley’s only real interest is in helping other beings see themselves more clearly.  Towards this end, please only contact Bradley if you are an ardent seeker of Truth, approaching your own inner journey with honesty, integrity, and sincerity. 



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