Love as the Unconditional Reality of Being

This is an excerpt from the draft manuscript of my upcoming book and is the second in a series of sections that I am posting.  You can read the previous excerpt ‘The Myth of ‘But I’m a Good Person'”.

Love as the Unconditional Reality of Being

If our conditioned notion of love is little more than a masquerade ball of desire and control, what is it that we can expect to find beneath the thin veneer of ‘love’ as a word, as a notion, as an idea; as something limited by conceptual perception?  All that can truly be said is that Love, in Truth, as Life, just ‘is’.  It is an undefinable, inexpressible quality of our being that arises out of silence, stillness and quiet; out of seeing things as they truly are and surrendering into the beauty and perfection of direct experiential realization.  The moment we attempt to capture Love and put it in a bottle that we can label, we limit it again, and render it inert; robbing it of its aliveness.  Which is, of course, impossible, because Love is the underlying essence of our being, inseparable from reality – whether we are conscious or unconscious of what reality really is.

It would be best to leave to topic of Love alone – and visit it within yourself, beyond the walls and barriers that have been erected by the egoic manifestation of your conceptual self, because anything said about it is just going to become another conceptual model that must be dealt with and dissolved ‘later’.  But sometimes it is of use to visit a concept from different angles and points of view; looking at it through a more subtle lens that offers a less distorted perspective, over and over again, until the mind pierces itself and renders the search for answers and understanding null and void.  But as a reminder stated with loving intent, do not use your mind to solve the problems of your mind. The mind is confused and unstable. Use your heart to steady your mind and to move beyond the mind. The heart is true to Love and Love is all there is. Let Love be your guide and the mind will follow.

One of the highest realizations of enlightenment is the experiential shift in consciousness that allows you to see that you are the only being in the entire universe that actually exists. Until you’ve seen this and understand it, you’ll likely assume that it’s a referential statement of selfishness. This is not the case though.  What you realize brings multiple layers of understanding that allows you to alter your frame of reference as needed. At the simplest level, you must accept the very basic fact that your mind is the only mind you know – your experience is the only experience you have. You are the only person who knows your life, what it contains, who you are, how you are, etc. Within your experience of being you, no one else can share in the totality of that experience. You are completely alone in the universe – experiencing a dance of internal and external, often focusing on what’s outside of you instead of what’s inside. But it’s just you – you are all that you have from the moment of your birth to the moment of your death.

At a higher level we can see God at work through the collective consciousness. We see all of the things that are arising within us and outside of us – we become a participant in the co creation of our lives, working hand in hand with the eternal divine in order to unfold our manifestation of experience in this lifetime. There is a dance of form, a play of form… And we are just playing our part as characters in the story that God has written into this universal expression of perceived existence. Then we dig even deeper and let go of all concepts of internal vs external. We realize that we are the One… That everything that is happening is happening beyond our experience. We are not the body, we are not the mind, we are not the experience, we are not the doing – we are simply the being. There is no division or separation – there is not an ego, soul, or even a God apart from what you are.  There is just the flowing expression of the ineffable as it loves itself into being. You are just the witnessing awareness of it all.

Your role is but to allow for Love and to be Love. This Love is more grounded in compassion than desire though. Love grounded in desire is not true Love. Desire demonstrates a lack of acceptance. Compassion includes acceptance wrapped in a loving embrace, held tenderly, but without a desire for things to be any different than they appear to be. We just do our part to be present, being instead of doing – allowing the universal expression of Gods mind to dream its dream. You do not need to save the world, or be upset with things as they are, because you understand your role as the witness – you simply let go and move deeper into your understanding, acceptance, and compassion; having trust and faith in the divine expression of you, your world, and your experience of your world. You are all that there is… True. The universe only exists within your mind – beyond your mind… True. But you cannot see the truth of it until you let go of who it is that you think you are. Only then can the truth be made clear.

~From the Heart of Bradley

Stay tuned for the next excerpt “Loves Cleansing Fire”, coming soon…


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