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Living ‘My’ Awakening:
The Experiential Tales of a Modern American Mystic

-From the Heart of Bradley; as an ode to the Beloved…


First, let’s start at the beginning.  In October of 2014, I had a deep awakening experience; something that I did not quite understand at the time.

Ever since then, I’ve been consumed by Love.  And by consumed, I mean emptied and made Full.

It’s been close to two years now, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to say about all of this.  I’ve spoken endlessly of it, and on it; but I can’t quite capture it.

That should be a clue of course – to the wise.  The only way to approach it is through stillness and silence.  It is only in the absence of the untrue that the True is recognized.  The seeker sees it as ‘some-thing’.  But it is ‘no-thing’.  It is surrender of the conceptual notion of self; under the guided hand of Love’s compassionate gardening shears; cutting away the thorny parts to cultivate the rose.

So – what I’ve decided to do now, is just offer up a deeply honest digest of what ‘this’ ‘is’; for ‘me’. I’ve come to believe that there is great value in sharing our stories – and our realizations.  Not as ‘teachers’, but as living examples of what we’ve discovered.  Whatever ‘role’ we find ourselves playing is largely irrelevant – and yet the ‘role’ is the role.  It’s here, now – taking form; and falling away; over and over again.  This appears to be part of mine – the evidence is in the presence of it.

Just note, there is ‘no-thing’ here to find.  Anyone who has this understanding will tell you that you must start with where you are – enter into it as you must – and follow it until the trail disappears.  This isn’t really anything special –  you’re surrounded by it if you pay attention.  That’s kind of the point of the whole thing.  To notice.  That’s it.  At some point you just begin to notice things; to watch them; to test them; to see their phenomenality.

As we look deeply, certain things about our essential nature become clear.  Sometimes this clarity will come through as a profound shift in consciousness and understanding that we might call a ‘spiritual awakening’.  I recently made an attempt to reframe my own ‘experience’ of ‘awakening’.   That was a couple of months ago.  A lot has changed, even since then  ;-).  Just be sure to note what it is that’s waking up.  It isn’t what we ‘think’ it is.

This is not something easily arrived at though – so we’re going to spend time building up to it.  I’m going to write about my earlier ‘experiences’ and what led me to where I’m not now.  I’m also going to go deeply into the very human side of what an awakening really is – and how we learn to find balance within it – if that is indeed what we are doing.  Beyond that, we’ll just see where things go.

Let me be clear again however.  The answer is ‘JUST BE’.

Just Be

Until next time, I Love YOU, Namaste, God Bless, and take care…

-Bradley (Sep 2016)

“We are simple creatures; woven into the storyline of Love’s unfolding….”  -Bradley

“Our suffering is best measured as the distance between the way things are, and the way that we want them to be…”  -Bradley

“Acceptance – deep inner acceptance – that’s how we relieve suffering.  That’s what compassion looks like when turned inward…  That’s what everything becomes…”  -Bradley

“When we learn to see our suffering as grace, and can embrace the gift of it, we are led beyond it.  If you can begin to take joy in your suffering, seeing the beauty and purpose of its presence, are you really suffering anymore?  Indeed, our suffering is often our greatest teacher.”  -Bradley

“All things in this universe are love given form to serve a purpose.  We ourselves are love given form to serve a purpose.  Our purpose is to be love.  It is to move through this world, with love and kindness; generosity, gratitude, and grace; with forgiveness as the mechanism by which we embrace one another, patience as the ever-steady state of our being, and compassion as how we hold it all in our hearts – for at the end of the day, we all arise from a singular sea of conscious awareness.  We are all one as consciousness, as energy, and as matter.  It is the confusion of the conditioned mind that prevents us from experiencing this fundamental reality for ourselves.”  -Bradley

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