Individual Talks

Personal Recordings

The following audio talks are recorded presentations that Bradley has given on specific topics:

It’s All Impersonal (27:13): A way to shift our perceptions in the direction of truth.

The Cave of the Heart (16:13): How the heart can serve as our refuge and become our home.

No Excuses (16:18): Love and kindness as the main focus as you work to awaken to the truth.

Regret (35:57): Learning to see our regrets in a new way so that we can let go of them and be free.

Wisdom (15:39): The source, arising, and presence of true spiritual wisdom within a human context.

Equanimity (14:53): Understanding the presence of equanimity as a quality of the enlightened mind.

Cartalk Audio Podcasts

In addition, Bradley has a series of ‘Car Talk’ audio podcast recordings available.  These podcasts cover a period of time during which Bradley was spending 3 to 3.5 hours each day on the road commuting back and forth for work.  The recording quality is a bit low – but the content goes into great depth on specific topics.

Car Talks Intro (.m4a, 8:20): A brief introduction to Bradley’s series of car talks, how they are done, why they are done, and what they include; along with a few bits about the journey that led to their creation (28 Dec 2015).

Finding the Path for You (.m4a, 39:26): Bradley talks about the variety of spiritual paths, spiritual teachings, and spiritual teachers; offering insight and guidance on how to choose what’s right for you (Aug 2016).

Belief vs. Knowing (.m4a, 36:42): An explanation of the difference between religious beliefs and experiential knowing, including an enlightened perspective on God, Jesus, and the Bible (3 Feb 2016).

Being Done (.m4a, 36:37): Answering the question ‘how do I know when I am done?’ from a few different angles and perspectives, offering the suggestion ‘just relax into the presence of being’ (27 Jan 2016).

Training the Mind (.m4a, 22:56): Looking at the nature of thought in the terms of foreground thought, background thought, and the conscious awareness they arise in and are witnessed from (9 Jan 2016).

The Doorway of Suffering (.m4a, 32:25): The nature of suffering and how we can use our suffering as a catalyst to launch us in the direction of a sincere self investigation that leads us beyond the concept of self (8 Jan 2016).

Manifesting (.m4a, 22:01): Exploring the new age teachings of ‘manifesting our desires’ against the backdrop of deeper spiritual truths and learning to let go of our egoic spiritual extensions (28 Dec 2015).

Self-Improvement (.m4a, 17.59): Questioning the modern day climate of ‘self improvement’ when there is no self to improve; offering an alternative that leads to the freedom of no self (16 Dec 2015).

Paying Attention to Synchronicity (.m4a, 29:40): The nature and meaning of synchronicity, how it manifests in our daily lives, and how it serves as a guide on the spiritual journey (11 Dec 2015).

Facing and Letting Go of Our Pain (.m4a, 53:01): Looking at our pain, memory, ego, mind states, etc., and how we must be in our pain in order to let go of our pain (11 Dec 2015).

Mindfulness and Meditation (.m4a, 51:16): An in-depth look at practicing mindfulness in the field of now, and 4 different types of meditation that can be used (10 Dec 2015).

Loving, Trusting, and Honoring (.m4a,32:26):  All about learning to love and trust ourselves and honor our own journey on the path to spiritual awakening and enlightenment (9 Dec 2015).

Being Wary of Our Traps (.m4a, 26:28): Discussing the nature of traps on the spiritual journey, with explanations, examples, and suggestions for seeing and moving through them (9 Dec 2015).

The Path of Love (.m4a, 19:24): A talk on an alternative to the path of pain; or at least a shift within the journey as we clear away enough of our pain to see the journey through new eyes. (8 Dec 2015).

Acceptance 1 (.m4a, 40:15): A few different perspectives on the nature, challenges, and purpose of practicing acceptance as a part of deepening into the journey. (2 Dec 2015)

Walking Sideways 1 (.m4a, 26:30): An interesting talk about later stages of the journey when we’re still challenged by the residual effects of having surrendered beyond fear. (1 Dec 2015)

Fear and Surrender 1 (.m4a, 13:21): How fear keeps us trapped in the illusion and how the act of surrender frees us from our fears, moving us deeper inward on the journey. (1 Dec 2015)

Four Qualities of Enlightenment 1 (.m4a, 22:17): A discussion on four factors that come with true enlightenment – “Dwelling in the spaciousness beyond mind, as a being of infinite love, in harmony with the perfection of all things, flowing, as one, with the effortless way of being”.  (24 Nov 2015)

Spiritual Teachers (.m4a, 25:49): A look at the relationship between spiritual teachers and spiritual seekers – how we find the teachers that we are meant to, and how to use their teachings (23 Nov 2015)

The Illusion 1 (.m4a, 18:55): A deep personal narrative on what “the illusion” is, how we are drawn into it, and how we can escape it by letting go of it. (23 Nov 2015)

Love 1 (.m4a, 15:10): A discussion about love within the illusion, love as seen by one who has experienced oneness, and the compassionate love that serves as a bridge between them. (Nov 2015)

Patience 1 (.m4a, 10:47): What patience is, how it’s cultivated, how it deepens as part of the journey, the value and practice of patience in many different scenarios, etc. (Nov 2015)

Forgiveness 1 (.m4a, 12:17): Three different perspectives on forgiveness – as that which is practiced within the illusion, within oneness, and within perfection. (Nov 2015)

The Relationship With Self 1 (.m4a, 13:46): A look at the relationship between ego, soul, and oneness; how we tell ourselves spiritual stories, etc.  (Nov 2015).

The Language of Synchronicity 1 (.m4a, 12:13): How synchronicity is a personal language that God/The Universe/Consciousness uses to speak with each of us (Nov 2015).

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