Group Presentations

The following audio recordings are from public talks that Bradley has given in a variety of settings:

Oneness, Emptiness, and the Dance of Duality (SiT Session 38) (15 April 2017) (1 hr, 25 min).  Hosted at The CommUNITY Center 729 in Orlando Florida: “When we look deeply into our conceptual notion of ‘self’ and begin to examine our patterns of identification with thought, we begin to see for ourselves that we are not our thoughts, but rather, we are the silent, spacious awareness within which our thoughts arise – and all thoughts, including thoughts of ‘self’ and ‘other’, are witnessed from a position of surrender that completely clarifies what Oneness really means.” (click here to listen) (click here to learn more about this session).

The Dance of Fear and Surrender (SiT Session 37) (15 Jan 2017) (1 hr, 48 min).  Hosted at the Thai Buddhist Temple in Melbourne Florida: “For the entirety of our lives, we’ve been led to believe that our conditioned perception of reality is indeed real – that we are who we ‘think’ we are. But the pathless path of Self-realization reveals, through our own direct experience, that this is not the case. When we encounter this realization within ourselves, we often become gripped by fear – fear of the unknown. Fear of the Truth. Fear of death – the death of the illusory mind-made self. But if the idea of ‘self’ is just an illusion, then what exactly dies – and why are we so afraid?” (click here to listen)

Being Wary of Our Traps (SiT Sessions 35 and 36).  In these two sessions we focused on the nature of spiritual traps. A trap is anything that locks us into a particular pattern of thinking or leaves us ‘stuck’ in a particular state of mind. Indeed, the most challenging part of the entire spiritual journey is keeping ourselves moving in a forward direction without getting lost somewhere along the way. However, as we move through our traps, eventually we begin to realize that there are no traps – and that it is the search for ‘enlightenment’ itself that is both the ultimate trap and the final doorway to a freedom beyond ‘freedom’.

Paying Attention to Synchronicity (SiT Sessions 33 and 34).  In these two sessions we discussed what synchronicity is, and how it serves as a direct mode of communication between divine consciousness and our own experience of consciousness, breaking down the illusory walls that separate and divide the inner from the outer and the outer from the inner. We also go into how it becomes an opportunity to glimpse a deep underlying perfection that is interwoven into the fabric of all existence.  Several examples are given by those in attendance and many variations on the theme of synchronicity are also covered.

Facing and Letting Go of Our Pain (SiT Sessions 31 and 32).  Letting go of our pain is about clearing our mind of conditioning.  It’s about letting go, one layer at a time, of our conception of self, born of the pain we’ve experienced.  It’s about facing the things that we are hiding from ourselves; that we’ve been either unwilling or unable to face in some meaningful way.   Here too, just like in our discussion on learning to love and trust ourselves, we must engage in radical self-honesty, radical self-acceptance, and radical personal forgiveness.  We need to honestly explore the content of our lives, accept our part in how we’ve chosen to live, and forgive both ourselves and those who contributed to the things that haunt us.  It’s not something that we do all at once, but something that we do a bit at a time, when we are ready.

Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation (SiT Sessions 29 and 30). In our first session, Bradley spends time introducing the essence of mindfulness; describing the cultivation of heart-centered nonjudgmental awareness, and offering several variations on mindfulness meditation, insight meditation, contemplative meditation, object-oriented meditation, and heart-breath meditation – all with the intent of adding a range of tools to our collective exploratory toolbox. In the second session, Bradley continues with the discussion on mindfulness and meditation practices, including the introduction of subject-object discrimination, taking up the witness identity, mental mantra recitation as a concentration practice, and much more; asking and answering questions about people’s individual meditative experiences from the previous week.

Loving Yourself, Trusting Yourself, and Honoring Your Own Journey (SiT Sessions 27 and 28).  The first and most important step on the spiritual journey can also be the hardest to understand and the most difficult one to take, especially in this society. It includes three parts of a greater whole that all amount to the same thing. You must learn to love and trust yourself, and to honor your own journey. In brief, we must learn to love ourselves in order to let ourselves go. We must learn to trust ourselves in order to leave behind our fear, uncertainty, and doubt. We must honor our own journey because others, still wrapped up in their own confusion, will tell us that we are wrong – about everything.

Tilting Ourselves in the Direction of Awakening (SiT Sessions 25 and 26). In these two sessions: “A true spiritual awakening occurs as the result of divine grace; indeed this is true – it can be no other way. But this grace is extended long before the awakening occurs – and it expresses itself, most directly, and most visibly, as the arising of the ‘seeker’ out of egoic consciousness; the ‘one’ who wishes to be ‘free’. While most ‘spiritual’ people tend to take up identification with their new seeker ‘self’ – those who are destined to ‘go beyond’, tilt themselves in the direction of awakening with a sincere and authentic desire for Truth that consumes all that is untrue – and the Truth ‘wakes up’ to itself.”

Into the Heart of Being – Bradley’s Story of Awakening (SiT Session 22) (20 July 2016)(1 hr, 57 min): In this session Bradley departs from the usual format and talks about his own journey of awakening – what led him to his search for ‘a more authentic me’, the initial stages of his awakening, and the confusion and heartache that followed. The process of ‘being emptied’ that he endured for four long months, how he ended up living on the streets of Seattle, and what he learned along the way. The journey to Florida, starting over again, and surrendering into the fullness of life. Ultimately, this is a deeply human story about penetrating the divine – and seeing where it takes us.

On the Nature of Relative vs. Absolute Truth (SiT Session 20) (6 July 2016) (1hr, 54 min).  In this session we explore the notion of ‘truth’ and where the pursuit of truth leads one.

Sitting in Truth 6 – Understanding the Nature of Synchronicity (30 March 2016) (1hr, 23 min). In this session we focus on what synchronicity is, and how it serves as a mode of communication between divine consciousness and our own experience of consciousness, breaking down the illusory walls that separate and divide the inner from the outer and the outer from the inner.   We also talk about how it reveals the hidden perfection of things as they are, and more.  There is also a video version of this session available – learn more here

Sitting in Truth 5 – Coming Into Stillness and Silence (23March 2016) (1:45:00): In this session Bradley steps into the nature of emptiness, stillness, and silence – and how to cultivate these characteristics within ones own experience of being.  This includes how to be to stay grounded a midst the chaos of daily life, how to listen to your inner intuitive voice, and how quieting the mind ultimately lends itself to dissolution of the egoic concept of self.  There is also a video version of this session available – learn more here.

Sitting in Truth 4 “Facing and Letting Go of Our Pain” (2:14:38): This is the fourth open dialogue session with Bradley, and the first one that also includes a video recording.  This session dives deeply into the nature of memory and how the mind has a tendency to hold onto difficult or painful memories; which shapes us in the direction of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  The main focus is on learning to face and let go of this pain.  For more details, and the video version, please click here.  (9 March 2016).

Sitting in Truth 3 “Into the Cave of the Heart” (1:59:38): This is the third open dialogue session with Bradley, held in the style of a Satsang in Hindu traditions or Sanga in Buddhist traditions.  This session goes into depth on the nature of love itself, the underlying essence of our being, and the cave of the heart that we can dwell in as we work to live a life of compassion, forgiveness, and more.  (24 Feb 2016).

Sitting in Truth 2 “Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation” (1:51:46): This is Bradley’s second open dialogue session, reminiscent of the Satsang in Hindu traditions or Sanga in Buddhist traditions. In this session we cover the basic underlying tenants of non-duality, self-realization, and the path of awakening.  We then dive into mindfulness, meditation, and a number of additional techniques that can be used to facilitate this process.  (10 Feb 2016).

Sitting in Truth 1 “Overview and General Discussion” (1:52:59):  This is Bradley’s first open dialogue session, reminiscent of the Satsang in Hindu traditions or Sanga in Buddhist traditions.  The focus of these sessions is exploration of the self in a safe, non-judgmental setting of loving-kindness, led by one who has seen deeply into the true nature of all things and freely shares this truth with all those who are ready to explore it for themselves.  (27 Jan 2016).

Enlightenment 1 “The Promise, Process, and Pitfalls of Obtaining Spiritual Enlightenment” (1:22:12):  This is an audio version of Bradley’s first talk, given at The New Way POD in Cocoa Florida.  There is also a video version of this talk available.  This is a very in-depth presentation. (22 Nov 2015).

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