Event Series: Jnana Yoga

Welcome to the Jnana-Yoga Event Series

“Using the mind to sharpen the mind until it can pierce the mind.”  ~Bradley 


Yoga is an absolutely amazing practice of physical, mental, and spiritual discipline; with many different schools and branches – each dedicated to achieving a specific purpose or goal.  Most of us are quite familiar with the physical benefits that yoga can bestow upon the body, and the sense of mental calm that it can instill in our daily lives; but this is really just the beginning.


The origins of yoga are deeply rooted in ancient Vedic literature, which point to something called Moksha, or Self-realization; a form of deep inner knowing that many spiritual teachers today refer to as ‘enlightenment’.  The goal of enlightenment is best understood by looking at the word ‘yoga’ itself, which means ‘union’; or union with the divine.

This goal of achieving union is not just relegated to the schools of thought that gave birth to it.  It is also deeply present in the teachings of all esoteric mystical transmissions; including Gnosticism (Christianity), Zen and Dzogchen (Buddhism), Advaita Vedanta (Hinduism), Sufism (Islam), Kabbalah (Judaism), Taoism, Sikhism, and several other lesser known ancient wisdom traditions.

That it is called by many different names and is expressed in many different ways, does not detract from its universality.  Every one of these teachings, and all of the teachers who have offered them, are pointing to the same fundamental nature of reality – something so beautifully inexpressible that it must be experienced to understand.


Among the many schools of yoga that focus on the experiential realization of things as they are, one of the oldest, by far, is the school of Jnana Yoga; the yoga of knowledge or wisdom – the yoga of the mind.  This particular form is not often taught in the west, except, with a few exceptions, by Indian teachers or Gurus who are associated with the Hindu philosophy of Advaita Vedanta.

It is considered, by many, to be the most direct form of Self-realization available; but because it requires such an incredibly strong intellect and will it is often eschewed in favor of easier spiritual disciplines – and yet its power to offer true liberation is unequivocal.  Because of its direct, practical, pragmatic approach, it is especially appealing to those with keen minds who have little use for religious observances and ritualistic practices.

Jnana Yoga, being primarily focused on the nature of the mind itself, can reveal an entire world of mental abstraction that prevents us from seeing what is really true within ourselves and about the world at large.  Much like Buddhist philosophy, Gnosticism, and modern psychology, it offers us the opportunity to peel away all of the layers of that which is untrue to expose what we truly are.

In the words of the many Jnani’s, or ‘realized beings’ who have come and gone, this knowledge brings us into direct alignment with the divine nature of all reality – a reality from which we have never been apart or separate.  It reveals to us the peace and joy of our essential nature and allows us to engage in the divine play of life with fearless enthusiasm and unconditional love.

The Teacher

Here, in the central Florida region there are very few beings who have grasped the fullness of this truth deeply enough to articulate its nature and how we can arrive at it for ourselves.  One of these is Bradley Bemis; a deeply conscious Florida-based author, speaker and guide who freely shares his ongoing insights into the nature of Self-realization, non-dual reality, and living an awakened life.

Simple, deep, and direct, his humble offerings are a modernized encapsulation of an ancient truth, presented without the trappings of misguided religious belief systems, culturally-inspired spiritual traditions, or confusing metaphysical theories. It is the truth of our being, stripped down and laid bare for all to see, through direct experiential realization – if they so choose.

Bradley has been offering his unique insights, for free, to everyone he encounters since his own experience of awakening in October of 2014.  His emphasis on clearing the mind and opening the heart serves as a sincere invitation to all who seek to understand themselves at the deepest levels of their own being – to arrive at their own direct experience of themselves as they truly are.

He is now visiting various yoga studios throughout the area to extend this free offering of Jnana Yoga instruction to anyone who would like to deepen their existing yogic practices to include the original goal of ‘Moksha’.  To learn more about this offering we invite you to visit Bradley’s website at awakeningintolife.com/jnana-yoga.

Event Calendar

We are currently working to set up dates and times with local yoga studios in the Orlando and surrounding areas.  As these event offerings are firmed up, this section will be updated accordingly.  If you would like to speak with Bradley or invite him to your yoga studio, please use our contact form.

Namaste, God-bless, and take care…

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