It’s Just This and You’re Already It

Essential Teaching Series: ‘It’s Just This and You’re already It’

I’m going to ‘begin with the end in mind’ so to speak and give you the flat truth of it.

There’s absolutely nothing to know – nothing that can be ‘found’.  What ‘you’ are and what ‘this’ is are intrinsically connected, but the conditioned mind cannot see beyond itself; and so everything appears bounded.  When the unbounded nature of reality is discovered, it’s not something that occurs ‘in’ the ‘mind’, or ‘to’ the ‘mind’.  It cannot be understood or grasped ‘by’ the mind – it is, in essence, the conscious absence of ‘mind’ itself.

And yet at the very moment that we discover this, we also realize that we have always been that which is beneath and behind it all.  Our experience of body and mind, of life and circumstance, of everything, is all happening in perfect accord with itself – not in terms of our experience as a unique singularity, but as the totality of all that is.  It is a completely inexplicable understanding that dissolves beyond all manner of expression because it simply doesn’t exist in words, or as a concept.

At a certain point, when talking about this topic, I’ll usually put my hands in the air, look around, and say “It’s just ‘This’”.   It’s always ‘just this’.  There’s nowhere to go but here.  There’s nothing to do but this.  There’s no one to be but you.  What you are, in the end, already and always is, a perfect expression of Love’s great mystery.

If you know this, then live it.  If you don’t know it, then investigate.

~From the Heart of Bradley

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