Getting Things Done

Since becoming more conscious, I am no longer motivated to participate in the world.  And yet the world has many demands that I cannot ignore.  How do I tackle the things that need to get done, even though I’m not motivated to do them anymore and don’t really see the point?

This is not an uncommon experience – and you’re really not alone in this space.  As we continue to awaken to our true nature, there may be a feeling of disinterest in activities that feel less alive and blissful; like paying taxes or mowing the lawn.  This feeling can also apply to bigger things in our lives, like our career, our relationships, our hobbies and interests, and so on – all of which is perfectly normal and a natural part of the awakening process.

As we transition out of our conceptual identity and realize ourselves to be open, empty, spacious awareness; we may find ourselves listless or rudderless, preferring instead to sit quietly and watch our lives unfold – taking no action.  We may also adopt the notion that some activities are more pure than others and distance ourselves from everything that we see as this purity’s opposite.  We create an imaginary dividing line between that which is ‘spiritual’ and that which is not, despite the deep inner knowing that everything is of one singular essence from which nothing is ever apart.

This tendency of the mind is something that we must simply be present with until it experientially dissolves into the ease and effortlessness of mature realization.  Of course, the mind has no interest in letting things take their natural course and prefers to assert itself in some manner – which is also a natural part of the awakening process.  For this reason, I offer a short teaching and a more detailed explanation that is meant to focus on ‘getting things done’ despite a lack of interest in doing them.

“Using mind to set the task.  Using no-mind to see it through”

This teaching is meant to highlight how we can use the mind to set ourselves to a task – and then let go of all expectations and outcomes associated with its completion.  For example, when we know that it’s time to pay our taxes, we may find the mind in tremendous resistance to the activity of paying taxes because of all the stories that come with the activity itself.  “Paying my taxes is a serious pain in the ass that I would rather put off for as long as possible”.  “I hate paying taxes; the government just spends it all on war”.  “This world and its fixation on monetary wealth is so broken that I refuse to participate”.  And on the mind goes.

But if we examine what actually needs to happen from a very simple place within ourselves, there is just the action of paying taxes; which is something that must be completed regardless of how we may feel about it.  So, we use the mind to set the task “I will pay my taxes”.  And then we drop the mind and all of its associated stories in order to complete the task without the mental dialogue that creates our hesitation and procrastination.  You take all of the steps required to complete the task in the ‘no-mind’ state that is silent, still, and quiet.  You allow the process of paying taxes to fulfill itself effortlessly in the spacious awareness that you are.  You simply give yourself over to the task and allow it to complete itself, without ‘you’ getting in the way.

In this manner, you are able to release yourself from the minds tendencies while still engaging in worldly activity – which is, of course, unfolding within the context of your awareness and always arising perfectly and spontaneously within the presence of being that you are.  There is really nothing to be concerned about – and nothing in particular that you need to do – because even this movement of “Using mind to set the task.  Using no-mind to see it through” is a spontaneous arising drawing you into itself in order to fulfill itself; which goes into a much deeper place of inner examination and requires the penetrating insight of direct, experiential realization of the Self, by whatever name we may call it.  But that is a topic for a different article.

Until next time my friends, I love you, Namaste, God bless, and take care.

~From the Heart of Bradley

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