Abundance: Non-Duality for the New Age

Bradley is hosting a new special series of talks called ‘Non-Duality for the New Age‘.

In this video segment, Bradley talks about the New Age spiritual principle of ‘abundance’ and how it’s often approached, offering an alternative non-dual perspective on its deeper meaning.

In this video he talks about:

  • Watching the introductory video if you haven’t already
  • Looking at abundance from the perspective of ‘becoming more abundant’
  • How our wants and desires shape the structure and quality of our daily lives
  • The inherent misfortune of trying to find our abundance via outward modalities
  • Engaging any resistance that comes up as we begin discussing a nondual perspective
  • How we are never truly satisfied when we ‘get what we want’ and are never ‘abundant enough’
  • How, once we have what we want, we have to protect or defend it, or to hold onto it in some way
  • Acknowledging the treadmill effect of our desire mechanisms, keeping us on the rollercoaster of life
  • Shifting toward a nondual perspective by looking at how ‘lack’ drives our seeking behaviors
  • Recognizing that the seeking quality is really looking for wholeness, fullness, completeness
  • Seeking as an effort to find an escape from our suffering – from the lack of wholeness
  • How we want to be loved, to be at peace, and to be satisfied with our lives
  • Being exhausted enough by the treadmill to turn ourselves inward
  • The ‘self’ (identity) vs. the Self (the wholeness of Life)
  • How true abundance is found in the Self
  • How the mind will conceptualize this
  • Coming to a direct, lived experience
  • Finding out that you are NOT separate
  • How this dissolves all manner of seeking
  • What the mind will say about all of this
  • Recognizing the limitations of mind
  • Examining, inquiring, investigating
  • We are already abundance itself

Watch more videos in this series and learn about our upcoming group dialogue session by visiting: http://awakeningintolife.com/watch/special-series/non-duality-for-the-new-age/

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