About Bradley’s Offerings

What I offer is nothing more than a modernized encapsulation of an ancient truth, presented without the trappings of misguided religious belief systems, culturally-inspired spiritual traditions, or confusing metaphysical theories. It is the truth of our being, stripped down and laid bare for all to see through direct experiential realization.

Quite honestly though, there is nothing to teach.  If there is one thing that I can say to the spiritual seeker within, and hope that I am heard, it is this – there is nothing to seek!  And yet it is quite clear to me that this lesson is the most difficult one to accept.  True acceptance only appears possible when one has failed to find that which is sought and is ready to surrender to the simplest truth there is.

As someone who has seen quite clearly into the nature of truth and ultimate reality, into the silence, stillness, and spaciousness of pure being, the very notion of an ‘I’ seeking, is, itself, an illusion of consciousness that serves the purpose of its own unfolding.  And so here we are, unfolding together, relinquishing our grip on the illusion of a separate, independent self that exists apart from the totality of all being.

For many people, the idea that we are empty of an independent self is very difficult to wrap the mind around. Identification with sense perception creates a false center experienced as a ‘self’ – a self that only exists in the mind, as thought, and has no reality of its own. This egoic manifestation of an ‘I am’ that is not, is the root of all suffering. And so, digging up this root is the cure that frees us.

It is not for everyone though. Only those minds that have been made subtle, pliant, and ready, will be able to grasp the deeper meaning of this truth for themselves. One who is intent upon perpetuating the illusion of the false self cannot be helped; not until their suffering has forced them deeply enough to surrender their false views and become open to the possibility of accepting things as they are.

Just know that wherever you are in your life right now, no matter what your self-concept may be, you are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Whatever stories you may be telling yourself within your perceptual experience of mind, the truth of reality is expressing itself through you, as you, right here, right now – it always has been and always will.

Beyond the basic instruction of ‘Just Be’, I have focused my efforts on addressing the spiritual needs of three key groups – those who seek awakening, those who are undergoing awakening, and those who are working to embody the awakened experience:

  • Tilting in the Direction of Awakening
  • Moving Through the Stages of Awakening
  • Relaxing Into the Embodiment of Awakening

Most of what I share can be aligned with a set of core teachings that I refer to as ‘These Five Things’ – a comprehensive set of practices and approaches to spiritual development that help cultivate and deepen our understanding through direct experiential realization:

  • Learning to Love Yourself, Trust Yourself, and Honor Your Own Journey
  • Learning to Practice Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Learning to Face and Let Go of Your Pain
  • Learning to Pay Attention to Synchronicity
  • Learning to be Wary of Your Traps

Within this framework, we explore the non-dual nature of reality, the confusion of the conditioned mind that prevents us from seeing it, and the path of inner exploration that can free us from our conditioned confusion – allowing us to see ourselves as we truly are. In the end, there is no separate sense of self that remains – there is just the presence of being, moving in the direction of its own purpose.

There is more of course – depending on who I am speaking with, what they need, and how things are moving as the dialogue unfolds; but this is what I offer.  This is what I share, what I teach, and what I guide others through.  I make no promises – as such things are impossible.  But I assure you that if you have a sincere desire for the truth of who and what you are, it will find you…

To learn more about what Bradley has to say on these and other important spiritual topics, please visit our ‘Meet‘, ‘Watch‘, ‘Listen‘, and ‘Read‘ pages on this website.


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