About Bradley

Bradley is a deeply conscious Orlando-based spiritual teacher and author whose compassionate, yet direct approach to “The Inner Science of Self-realization” serves as an invitation to meet ourselves where we are, accept ourselves as we are, and realize the presence of being that is our true essential nature.

Indeed, there is nowhere to go but here; nothing to do but this; no one to be but you.  Start with where you are, investigate your experience with absolute sincerity, and see for yourself – you are already that which you seek.

Having experienced a profound spiritual awakening in October of 2014, Bradley spent several months undergoing a complete transformational shift in consciousness as he emptied himself of himself and surrendered all of his most closely held illusions. This experience ultimately led him to shed his worldly possessions and become homeless – living on the streets of Seattle for three months; sharing what he had learned with all those he encountered.

In June of 2015, he moved to Melbourne Florida and began giving formal talks on a wide variety of topics covering Self-realization, non-duality, and the embodiment of awakening.  During this time-period his own exploration into consciousness continued to deepen and grow; bringing about an abiding recognition of loving-awareness as the background and substance of all experience, and complete peace in the spaciousness of ‘not knowing’ that one must eventually settle into.  In November of 2016 he relocated again – this time to Orlando Florida and took a break from teaching.

In April of 2017, Bradley began making arrangements for a return to teaching and is now offering meditations, presentations, and dialogues that reflect a mature, heart-centered approach to spiritual exploration; offering true inner freedom.  His primary emphasis is on “clearing the mind, opening the heart, and realizing the truth of who and what you are”– echoing the sentiments of India’s ancient Vedic masters, the teachings of the Buddha, the words of Christ, and the guidance of all those who have touched the deepest part of themselves as pure awareness, beingness, and bliss; empty of an independent self-nature; at One with, and inseparable from, the harmony and flow of Absolute reality.

It should be noted that Bradley holds no particular religious viewpoint, does not advocate any particular philosophy, and has no particular interest in most of today’s mainstream spiritual belief systems.  His only priority is the mind – to watch it, look deeply into it, and realize the spaciousness beyond it.  He does not espouse common ‘new age’ viewpoints on things like energy, vibration, or manifesting desires; angels, spirit guides, or traveling to alternate realities.  His only goal is to dismantle everything that keeps one from realizing his or her own true nature – “stripping away all that is untrue until the seeker of truth dissolves into Truth itself and awakens from the dream of duality”.  That being said, all earnest spiritual seekers, regardless of the path they find themselves on, have the potential to benefit greatly from what is being expressed here.

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