A Pledge Born of Love

My only commitment is to the unfoldment of awakening; not to religions, beliefs, teachers, or preferences. I am wholly and completely devoted to that which awakens; not notions, views, opinions, or ideas about it.

I speak only of awakening, and only about the process of awakening; not models, methods, practices, or techniques. I am simple, direct, and precise in my approach; not deceitful, clever, flowery or confusing.

I make no apologies for my continued dismissal of conceptual wordplay, my unrelenting emphasis on the absence of a separate self, or my unending love for the inherent wholeness of our being.

I will not back down from the arguments of the earnest or ignore the questions of the sincere. But I will not suffer fools or entertain the ignorant. I will never be what anyone wants me to be – only what I am.

If I appear arrogant, it is only out of love. If I appear passionate, it is only out of love. If I appear demanding, it is only out of love. If I appear unpredictable, it is only out of love. For it is love itself that guides me.

Love is my mistress, and I am her bard. I am the fiery sword wielded by the hand of love. I am the tender embrace of love’s own heart. I am the lion and the owl held in balance by love. I am love itself.

May all beings be so blessed as to find themselves so deeply in love with love that they become love itself. This is what it is to awaken. And my only commitment is to the unfoldment of this awakening.

I love you, Namaste, God Bless, and take care.

~From the Heart of Bradley

Bradley Bemis is a spiritual teacher of nonduality, Self-realization, and living an awakened life. Learn more at http://awakeningintolife.com.

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